Ana Karina Soto, a popular television personality, is making news when a video of her went viral, and many rumors are circulating that Ana Karina Soto has lately preyed on cyberbullying. Furthermore, other reports suggest that the presenter’s private video became public on the internet, following which she is being tormented online, and her spouse is also being victimized by the same abuse. The entire case is detailed here.

The RCN entertainment performer openly said that her home surveillance cameras were hacked and that she is being cyberbullied over the distribution of personal videos. If you are an existing follower, you are probably aware that back in 2008, her other graphic video went viral on social networking sites and set the web on fire. At the time, it was claimed that her video was made intentionally but was unintentionally put on the web.


According to reports, they were filming personal films of Ana Karina Soto on social media again, as they had done years earlier in 2008, but this occasion it was not a consented video like the previous one, but computer hackers broke into the servers of the surveillance cameras in her house.

Ana Karina Soto and her hubby Alejandro Aguilar spoke on CANAL RCN about the hard spot they are suffering through. The broadcaster of Buen Da Colombia and her hubby were the victims of cyberbullying, and they discussed what occurred and issued an appeal to the community. Don’t do anything to others that you wouldn’t want them to do to you! This may occur to everyone; the crucial thing is to be informed of what is occurring with the knowledge we have.

Furthermore, the video of the pair is not presently available internet, but because the couple spoke up about the issue, it can be presumed that how bad the situation has out for them and that her fate is confronting just too many things. If you are looking for their video, stay connected since we will shortly describe the video as well.

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