Video Goes viral – Man dies after sinkhole opens under the swimming pool and he’s sucked down with water

According to reports, one of the two guys pulled into the pit died hours later, while the other managed to climb his way out when the accident occurred during a party.

While the inquiry into the odd opening continues, authorities have despatched a helicopter to survey the region for any other sinkholes.

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A man drowned in a swimming pool sinkhole during enjoying a party Shocking Video viral

In the video, you can see this is very terrifying and this video goes viral on Twitter.

The horrifying video shows partiers lounging in the pool while a guy draws himself away from the sinkhole when it unexpectedly begins sucking in all the inflatables.

Within seconds, the water level begins to fall, and the whole contents of the pool are dragged into it, leaving a massive gap behind.

The event is alleged to have occurred at a private residence in Karmei Yosef, where a firm was having an employee party.

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According to Fox, the 34-year-old guy who handled to flee had limb wounds but is in a stable situation.

Partiers were terrified of a shocking moment

Those who observed the sinkhole described it to the Times of Israel as a terrifying event.

The party had around 50 people, 6 of whom existed in the pool at the moment.

According to one eyewitness, “the water level abruptly began to recede and a hole opened up, generating a vortex that sucked two persons within.”

When another witness became worried by what she witnessed and ordered their coworkers to leave the pool, they mistook it for a game.

“The ground just fell seconds later… “I saw two individuals suddenly vanish,” she allegedly claimed.

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The search crew used extreme caution

The person was allegedly discovered dead four hours after the search began. As they approached deeper levels of the subterranean, the rescuers wore Go-Pro cameras attached to their helmets.

The rescue Departments were also concerned about a subsequent collapse of the tunnels diverging out of the sinkhole.

As a result, they constructed a “support system” to keep the pool from tumbling further during the search process.

At the time of paper, no more information about the victim has been released.

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