Man catches toddler after she falls from high-rise building

On the internet, a guy is being praised as a “hero” for saving the life of a toddler who had fallen out of the window of her fifth-floor flat. On Tuesday, the event occurred in Tongxiang, Zhejiang province, in eastern China.

The man can be seen in the footage rushing towards a building with a woman while conversing on the phone. Seconds later, he is seen tossing his phone to the ground and reaching up to save the falling female. The video shows the man catching the girl just before she was about to touch the ground.

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Originally uploaded on Weibo, then spread to other social media networks. Zhao Lijian, a spokeswoman for China’s Foreign Ministry, published footage of the dramatic rescue on Twitter. “Heroes among us,” the government official wrote with the video.

According to accounts, the guy, named 31-year-old Shen Dong, originally heard a huge crash from the building, which led him to believe that it was caused by a two-year-old daughter who fell from her apartment’s balcony into the building’s steel roofing. The youngster then slipped away, but happily, the dad caught her before she reached the ground.

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“To be honest, I cannot remember the details. I cannot remember if my arms hurt or anything. It was just instinct to reach out to her,” Shen informed the local newspaper. “It was lucky I made it in time. Otherwise, I would feel absolutely horrible,” he added.

Meanwhile, the video has had over 150.3 thousand views and counting since it was released. Netizens also left fantastic comments on the video. “Real heroes exist in the real world, not only in movies,” one person said. “What a catch! “Give them two people a medal,” someone another said.

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