Udaariyaan 11th October 2022 Written Update: Ekam Reveals The Truth To Nehmat

The episode begins with Ekam becoming concerned about Nehmat after receiving several missed calls from her. He returns her call. He drives away since she isn’t answering the phone. Nehmat tries to get her phone without being seen by the thugs. Satti inquires about Nehmat at the Sandhu’s residence. The latter attempts to provoke Satti against Nehmat by claiming that Nehmat and Ekam’s break-up is a forgery. According to Satti, Nehmat left after notifying her. Naaz realizes her plan won’t work with Satti, so she decides to try it on Jayveer, who agrees to ban Nehmat and Ekam from the meeting.

Nehmat is going to call Ekam back. Somebody from behind covers her mouth. Jayveer confronts Renuka over allowing Ekam to leave the house and begs her to call him back. Advait is revealed to be the guy who shuttered Nehmat’s dwelling. He inquires as to what she is doing. Nehmat joins him in hiding. Advait inquires Nehmat as to their identity. Nehmat claims she has no idea, but they have threatened her. Advait rushes to confront the thugs. Advait is stopped by Nehmat, who informs him that they have a gun. Advait declares that they appear threatening and requests that Nehmat assist them.

It’s late at night. Ekam is driving the vehicle in search of Nehmat. However, Nehmat is observed driving Advait in his automobile. Nehmat answers Ekam’s phone call. Ekam inquires about Nehmat’s well-being after she has often phoned him. Nehmat claims she’s alright and hangs up the phone. Nehmat summons him to the market. Advait wishes to drop Nehmat off at her residence. However, Nehmat refuses and requests that he drop her off at the market. Advait agrees. After leaving Nehmat at the market, Advait drives away. Ekam arrives at the location. He dashes over to Nehmat. When Ekam sees him, he falls into emotions and hugs him. Ekam grabs Nehmat into his arms and carries her away.

Advait tells his father that if they can’t compel individuals to follow them, they can gain their trust. However, Nehmat tells Ekam that Advait saved her. Ekam regrets abandoning Nehmat. Nehmat claims that the goons are aware that they are still meeting and inquires whether Jayveer sent those thugs to hurt. Ekam claims that his father is incapable of doing so. Nehmat wonders why Jayveer despises her so much that he badmouths her in front of Rupy. She inquires Ekam as to the reason. Ekam apologizes to Nehmat for keeping it from her and claims that his father’s suspension is related to Fateh’s accident. Tejo’s

He attempted to ask his father, but he told him to leave Nehmat alone. Shamsher feels it’s best for them if Fateh-case Tejo’s is never reopened. Advait promises him that it will not happen and that he always has a backup plan. Nehmat is here to assist Ekam in resolving her parents’ situation. But Ekam does not want to put her life in danger by engaging her in this. He claims that they may assault her again. He advises they shouldn’t meet until they figure out who wants them apart. Nehmat sobs. Ekam comforts Nehmat and requests that she lay her palm on his heart whenever she loves him. Nehmat clings to Ekam. Advait considers employing Mallika to separate Ekam and Nehmat.

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Nehmat is sobbing and conversing with Fateh-Tejo’s photograph. Rupy notices this and thinks she’s upset because she misses Ekam, but he refuses to give in. Mallika comes to meet with Nehmat. She notices Nehmat’s sadness and invites her to accompany her to meet Ekam in private. To distract her attention, Nehmat asks Mallika about Advait. Mallika then receives Advait’s message.

Advait invites Mallika to a meeting. Mallika is thrilled. Mallika is reassured by Nehmat that Advait loves her equally as she adores him. Mallika is delighted to meet him and departs to prepare. She runs into Naaz on her way. The latter is taken aback to see Naaz there. Mallika scolds Naaz and walks away. Shelly mocks Nehmat for keeping her connection with Mallika despite her breakup with Ekam. Naaz considers severing their friendship by inciting Renuka against Nehmat.

Jayveer drives away after asking somebody to meet him over the phone. Ekam follows Jayveer to find out who he’ll meet. Jayveer approaches Shamsher’s goon and pleads that he is not hurt Nehmat and Ekam. He tells him that he will keep them apart. By displaying the gun, the goon threatens Jayveer. From afar, Ekam observes this. He becomes determined to track down the goon. He pursues the thug. Shamsher and Advait, who are seated inside the car, are approached by the goon. Nehmat is hidden and watching this.

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