Two killed in San Juan, Santa Cruz Shootings Overnight

Here we are sharing the very sad news that occurred in San Juan. Every day we have heard a piece of bad news from all corners of the world. Two guys died in a shoot in San Juan, and Santa Cruz.

This incident happened on Monday Night 24 October 2022. A victim man, name Kofi Boucher(41) was driving his car(Nissan Wingroad) at around 8:00 PM on Ryan Street, San Juan.

Residents in the area called the North Eastern Division Task Force and the San Juan CID. A medical team arrived on the scene and pronounced Boucher dead. Shortly later, a 33-year-old guy was attacked in the back of the shoulder while driving on the same street.

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When the bullet broke a car window, it wounded three of his passengers, including a 5-year-old youngster. The guy drove to the police office in San Juan and was taken to the hospital, where they were examined.

In another case, Jade Telesford, 22, and a friend were sitting in a carport on Moraldo Trace in Santa Cruz when they observed what they believed were fireworks.

Both males afterward felt like they were on fire and phoned for aid. Telesford was confirmed deceased after they were brought to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex. The Santa Cruz CID and the North Eastern Division Coastal Patrol Unit responded to the location. For the latest updates visit

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