As reported by the Houston Sheriff’s Office, an individual of interest has been imprisoned in relation to the murder of a 2-year-old child discovered inside a stolen SUV Tuesday after his dad was shot and killed hours earlier throughout a meetup.

Houston officers wrote on Twitter that the suspect was being queried. The post did not specify whether this was the exact man who appeared in the security footage published Tuesday night.

This sequence of events began shortly prior to actually 2 p.m. on El Camino Del Rey Street near Chimney Rock Road in Gulfton.

According to Houston authorities, the 38-year-old murder suspect encountered the accused for unclear reasons. As per officers, the 2 started arguing, and at that point, the accused pulled out a weapon and shot the dad numerous times. He passed away on the spot.

According to officers, the accused person jumped into the SUV and fled.

During the search for the suspect and the stolen car, officers received a phone call around 6:30 p.m. from a lady reporting her child and husband were missing. She provided sufficient details for officers to reach the conclusion that her hubby was the guy who was killed on El Camino Del Rey.


According to authorities, they had no idea a kid was inside the SUV until the lady called.

With some more details on the stolen car, officers stated that they were able to find it on Elm Street near Renwick Drive about thirty minutes after having received the lady’s call.

The kid was discovered unconscious in the back of the car.

Police broke the window to get to the kid and assist him, but it was too late. The child had passed away.

A post-mortem will be accomplished on the death cause, but authorities believe it was caused by heat exhaustion.

The unidentified accused person is on the move. He was defined by officers as a Black man with a thin build. He was dressed in a white shirt, black shorts, and a black Raiders cap. He seemed to have long facial hair around his chin.

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