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Teri Meri Doriyaan 7th February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Harry headlines a promotional event for Brar jewelers and presents their most premium design diamond necklace. The reporter asks his price. Harry says it’s priceless, he means the price hasn’t been set yet. Reporters say Angad must be fixing the price. Harry frowns and says of course Angad and let’s see who gets this priceless piece. Seerat thinks that Angad is stingy and won’t give it to her, Harry would give it to her if she was in his hands. Harry approaches her and asks if she was thinking about him. She says sorry. He asks if she knows why he chose her as the chief guest for the event, he’s a reserved guy and doesn’t like meddling in anyone’s life or being meddled in, he has a very narrow circle of friends and his biggest priority in life is looking after her best interests ; he doesn’t know when he.. She hopes he will say he loves her.

Santosh informs Sahiba about Seerat’s disappearance from home. Kulcha asks if Sirat ran away. Sudha asks Santhosh to hurry as Brars is calling her. Santosh asks her to come down and take care of Brars until she finds where Seerat is. Sahiba asks Santosh if Seerat said anything before leaving the house. Santokh mentions how Seerat wanted to visit the salon and says what’s the point of looking pretty when she can’t show it to the person waiting for her. Knocking on the door. Santosh says Seerat has come and disconnects the call. Ajith enters the ad, says that he was looking for Seerat all over the area but couldn’t find her. He scolds her for spoiling Sirat with indulgence. Santosh cries and asks him not to blame her. Ait is leaving. Santosh thinks where did Seerat go.

Harry tells Seerat that she should be happy that she is marrying the man she likes and settling down. She says it’s her parents’ choice. Harry says she should choose a boy over her parents, says Angad is a fool to waste time on meetings and would waste time looking after the most special Seerat. The waiter slips and throws the juice at Sirat. Harry pulls her close and looks into her eyes. Seerat asks Santosh not to worry as she herself will find where Seerat is. Santosh prays to God to somehow send Seerat home. She gets tensed to see that Jasleen can hear her conversation. Jaslin approaches her and says that her house is very beautiful and asks why she is shocked as if she saw a ghost. Santosh says no and came here to check Seerat. Jasleen asks where is Seerat.

The waiter apologizes to Harry. Harry scolds the waiter and orders him to apologize to Searat. Seerat says everything is fine. Harry says it’s okay as he doesn’t allow harm to those close to him. Seerat if she is dear to him. He says yes, but Angad doesn’t think so. She asks what else he would do for his beloved. He says he would marry her and go to exotic places on his honeymoon. She becomes even more impressed and hopes to marry Harry instead. He continues to impress her and raves about Angad. Sudha tries to manage Brars. Brars insists they call Seerat. Jasleen thinks she can’t inform them that Seerat is not at home.

Sahiba looks for all Seerats and thinks she should call the cab that Santosh hired today as Seerat must have taken that cab. Brars insists they call Seerat. Ajit informs that Seerat is not at home. Bras stand in shock and ask where she is. Santosh says she went to the salon because she wanted to look her best. Manveer then asks why she called them home. Ajith apologizes to them. Santosh tries to cope. Jasleen asks what they will do when they come next time with the baraat. Angad supports Seerat and says it’s okay if she went to the salon as girls like to look beautiful. Santosh thanks him. Sudha says her elder niece loves make-up. Manveer asks what she said. Sudha repeats. Manveer asks Santosh why she said Seerat is her only daughter. Ajith says he has 3 daughters. Brars stands stunned while Santosh tries to hide his anxiety.

Preparation: Manveer tells Santosh that her daughter doesn’t value time and people so they can’t continue this alliance.
Harry suggests Seerat. Sahiba enters and stands stunned.

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