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Teri Meri Doriyaan 6th March 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Ajit gets emotional at Sahiba’s plight. Sahiba says she didn’t know that the roti and tea he fed her before leaving home was her last meal in her house and she will lose everything. Ajith says that this is the fate of life and suggests her to never forget her dreams, keep fighting for her rights and never change herself. Sahiba cries hugging him. Angad calls his assistant and orders him to find out where and with whom Sirat Kaur Monga is. Ajit tells Sahib that it is time to go. Santosh tries to hug Sahiba. Sahiba warns her to stay away and says that she obeyed her since birth but didn’t know her mother would ruin her life; she doesn’t want to see her again. Ajit asks Angad to take care of Sahiba as she is his dignity and pride. Angad rudely ignores him and walks ahead. Veer stops him and says Ajit is older than him both in age and relationship so he should treat Ajit. Angad looks at him angrily and walks away. Everyone goes to the cars. Santosh breaks down.

Harry begins an affair with Seerat. Seerat says they should wait till the wedding. Harry begins an emotional drama about the fact that he loves her infinitely and does not see anyone degrading her. Seerat says he doesn’t know what’s happening on the street, what his family will think of her. Harry says he doesn’t care about his family and will protect her from them and the world. Seerat succumbs to his words and hugs him.

Bras go to the car with Sahiba. The prince asks Veer why they didn’t have a feast after the wedding, he liked that bride and even this one. Angad angrily gets into the car. The bras force her to sit next to him. Angad warns Hr not to think that she has defeated him, he will make her life hell. Sahiba says that if he thinks she will be afraid of him, he is wrong; she will never tolerate his wrongs. Both recall their past quarrels. The title track of the series plays in the background. They reach Brar’s mansion. Sahiba recalls how she was humiliated by the guards at the gate. Journalists crowd into their cars. Angad asks Sahib not to give any statement to the media as his spokesperson will give them his statement. Sahiba says she doesn’t want to. As Angad gets out of the car, reporters ask how Ludhiana’s top bachelor ended up marrying a poor girl. They ask Sahiba how she caught Angad for marriage. Angad shouts at the security. Security forces them out.

At the door, Daarji asks Manveer and Bebe to congratulate their new DIL. Angad says they should not think that he brought a bride, he brought a maid for them. Manveer asks him not to insult their servants as they are not liars and traitors like Sahiba and her family. Darji warns her not to speak ill of the Brar family’s baha and orders Gurlin and Prabyot to throw a party for their new DIL. Manveer says he won’t let this girl enter their house with such respect. Darji warns her that she is a senior DIL Brar and knows how Brars greet their DILs and once a marriage takes place they watch over it till their last breath. Manveer performs the ritual of greeting Sahiba and says that he will not accept her as his DIL.

Preparation: Manveer tells Sahiba that she has to cut ties with her mother’s family if she wants to stay here. Sahiba says for her to do this, every Brar bahu has to cut ties with parental home.

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