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Teri Mary Dorian March 4, 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Sahiba asks Santosh to stop lying more as their family is already being humiliated a lot. Santosh says if she doesn’t marry Angad today, her whole life will have a mountain of problems. She begs Bebe and Manveer to convince Angad to marry Sahib and save her life. Manveer asks if she is not ashamed to think about her daughter’s marriage with Angad even now. Gurlin says she is shameless and they would be fools to agree to this marriage. Inder says the truth is out and he will make sure that this marriage does not happen. Santosh feels dizzy. Sahiba holds her and makes her sit down. Santosh continues to cry, who will marry her now.

Sahiba says that there is much more to life than marriage, like career, her family and much more. Angad says her family is melodramatic, is it his real family or did she hire actors. Sukhi Taiji introduces herself as an elder of the Mong family, apologizes on behalf of her family, and explains what really happened. She asks him to marry Sahiba as it is written in their destiny, explains all the recent events. Angad misbehaves with her. Ajith says that he will not allow his daughter to marry into a family that does not respect her daughter. Angad misbehaves even with him and threatens to call the police. Darji stops Angad and warns him to behave with elders. Angad says let him call the police and arrest the scammer family. Sahiba says she will call the police. Darji stops her and says no one will talk until he decides something.

He takes Angad aside and says that sending this girl and her family to jail will disgrace their family, people will humiliate him saying Brars can identify diamonds but not people. Angad asks if he means to spare the con man’s family. Daarji explains in detail how the rich are blamed and the poor are spared, seeing the rich’s mistake as a sin and the poor’s mistake as a consequence. Angad asks what he wants from him. Daarji says he should marry this girl. Angad asks if he wants him to marry a cheater. Darji says Sahiba could have married him silently, but she revealed the truth and proved that she is a real person. He goes on to explain in detail how they will benefit from this marriage and leaves, saying that now he has to decide whether to preserve the dignity of his family or be stubborn.

Darji returns to his family. Manveer asks if Angad will come or not. Gurlin says he must have left heartbroken. Angad returns. Kirat asks Sahib why they are still here to watch this drama. Sahiba asks her to wait. Inder asks Angad to come back home. Angad says he will marry Sahiba. Manveer asks if he is mad even thinking about it. Inder says she should question Akal Singh Brar who thinks everyone is his puppet and he can use them as he wants. Manveer asks if he asked Angad to marry Sahiba. Daarji says Angad has his own brain. Inder says Angad has a brain but Akaal controls him easily. He and Manveer tell Angad off, but Angad says he has decided to marry Sahiba.

Set-up: Sahiba refuses to get married as it would interfere with her career. Ajith says she is responsible for her father’s dignity and sister’s education and it is up to her whether she wants to carry it or not.

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