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Teri Mary Dorian February 4, 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Seerat orders food from a restaurant and sends it to Sudha’s bungalow. Kirat grabs her phone and asks why she is ordering food. Seerat says Brars is coming to make an alliance between her and Angad. Kirat asks who will pay the bill. Seerat says Sahiba will. Sahiba says she has no money. Seerat asks what she said. Kirat asks Seerat to stop abusing Sahiba’s kindness and robbing her. Seerat asks Sahib why she has no money when she has been working for 5 years and getting huge orders. Sahiba says she really doesn’t have any money and shows the Punjabi snacks she has prepared for Brars. Sirat continues his tantrums.

Santosh asks Seerat to come out of the kitchen and hurry as Brars is going to Sudha’s house, they have to reach before Brars comes and handles everything. She asks Ajit if he is right and after seeing his dress asks him to wear her BIL costume after he comes to Sudha’s house. Ajith refuses to wear someone’s dress. She says that she will not drive in Kulchi’s car, so she rented a car for the day. Kirat asks who will pay the rent. Santosh says Sahib. Kirat criticizes Santosh for misusing Seerat’s kindness. Santosh covers her mouth. They leave the house to the car.

Santosh asks Ajit and Sahib to come in Kulchi’s car and let her and Seerat go in the car. Sahiba refuses to accompany them. Ajit says even he won’t if Sahiba doesn’t. Santosh says last night they agreed to follow her orders, then why are they throwing tantrums now. Sahiba says that Angad hates her and will break the alliance if he finds out that she is Seerat’s sister. Seerat says she is right, they saw Sahiba and Angad fighting, so Sahiba shouldn’t date Brars. Santosh continues his emotional blackmail and Kirat continues to confront her. Seerat and Santosh are driving in a car. Sahiba loads the boxes of snacks in Kulchi’s car and asks Ajit to sit in it.

Brars prepares to go to Seerat’s house. Jaspal says they even have a promotional event for Brar jewelery today, so he is confused whether Angad will attend the event or Seerat’s house. Angad says he will obviously choose a job first. Harry asks him not to be such a workaholic and visit Seerat’s house while he’s running the event and visit their showroom. Angad agrees. Baby says if all goes well, they’ll fix the alliance themselves today. Angad says though he likes Seerat, Manveer’s decision will be final. Manveer says if Seerat is fine at home, they will fix the alliance and asks Angad to go and get ready. Angad thinks why mom said that.

Santosh and Seerat reach Sudha’s house. Sirat loves a luxurious mansion. Sudheya goes to them. Santosh shows his fake love for Sudha. Sudha says she called her many times but she didn’t come immediately. Santosh emotionally blackmails even her and convinces to allow Seerat’s alliance there. Her drama continues..

Preparation: Seerat promises Harry to attend a promotional event and runs away from Sudha’s house. Santosh is looking for her. Kulcha asks if Sirat ran away

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