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Teri Mary Dorian March 3, 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Sahiba tells Brars that she will tell them the truth. She says she owns a small art shop, her dad Ajit owns a small hotel where he sells rajma chawal and chole khulche and they are from a simple middle class family. Manveer asks what about the luxury house where they got their union. Sahiba asks Santosh why she lied to Brars so much. Santosh asks her to stop. Sahiba says her lies have led them to this situation and when the pot of sin breaks, it brings disaster. She tells that that house belongs to Suji and they live in a small house. She apologizes to Brars for her mother’s lies and says that her mother wants her daughters to marry into rich families so that they can have a better life, but she doesn’t know that lies bring disaster. Santosh says she did.. Sahiba says she did wrong; she’s here to apologize to Brars. Angad shouts if she knows the meaning of forgiveness, he will send her and her cheating family to jail. Sahiba says that she herself will call the police and reveal the truth and then she will be ready to accept the decided punishment. Manveer says they have been cheated and if media comes to know about it, their family will be disgraced.

Journalists discuss what should happen inside. Puppet reporter Harry reports that Angada Seerat’s bride has run away and her sister Sahiba has replaced her to save the family’s dignity. Harry is watching the news. Seerat grabs his mobile and asks why he is looking at the mobile and not at a hot girl like her. He says he’s looking at the quote. She says he cares about the business, not the girl who left everything for him. Harry gives her a diamond necklace and keeps her delusional.

Bebe confronts Santosh for betraying them. Santosh asks her to give her a chance to explain. Sahiba warns her to stop lying anymore as her lies will further destroy them. Ajith warns Santosh to stop now and says that they should not have got involved in her suicide attempt drama and ended up in this situation, now she should listen to Sahib. Bibi has a panic attack. Her family consoles her. Sahiba explains the whole story to them. Inder argues with Manveer for not listening to him to take his time and do a proper investigation first. Manveer admits his mistake. Gurlin says they are all wrong because they don’t question properly and blindly believe Santosh’s lies. Sahib

Veer informs Angad that the news has gone viral. Angad watches the news that Angad’s perfect marriage goes less than ideal with a bride swap. He angrily throws the mobile and accuses Sahib of orchestrating all this as she challenged him to take revenge. Sahiba rejects his accusation. Angad challenges her to jail and drags her. Sahiba releases her hand and warns him to behave with her, her mother planned all this, not her. She says she will call the police herself and takes Kirat’s cell phone. Santosh grabs her mobile and tells Angad that it is her and not Sahiba, Sahiba never lies etc. She asks Angad to marry Sahiba as the news has already spread that Sahiba has replaced Seerat. Ajit warns her to stop it as he doesn’t want her daughter to get married without her consent. Santosh continues to explain his point of view.

Preparation: Daarji proposes Angad to marry Sahiba.

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