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Teri Mary Dorian January 31, 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Sahiba gets Kirat’s call and immediately rushes to help her. Meanwhile, Harry and Seerat were at the restaurant, and Harry was saying that everything in life is already pre-determined. Seerat then asked him what he was doing near the restaurant. He replied that it was fate and that Angad should not have been so careless. Seerat then questioned if Angad was also careless when it came to business. Harry replied that he was not sure as he was always away on business trips, leaving Angad to take care of the smaller tasks in India. Seerat was amazed at this.

Harry continued to impress Seerat with his conversations, and she praised him for his fight against the thugs. The waiter offered them an extra cup of coffee, and mentioned that Harry was their valued customer. Seerat asked if they should order another cup of coffee, but Harry declined, saying that he had a business meeting to attend. He then got down on one knee and presented Seerat with a diamond ring, saying that it was one of their company’s prized collections. He then joked that he would have proposed to her if it wasn’t for Angad.

At that moment, Angad arrived at the restaurant. Harry’s assistant informed him of this, and Harry quickly left, saying that his client was waiting, and hid in order to avoid being seen by Angad. Seerat thought to herself that Harry was 1000 times better than Angad, and that she was far behind Angad.

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