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Teri Mary Dorian January 29, 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Sahiba Gill’s client offered her money for her previous work designing jewelry. She thanked him and said that she really needed the money. Gill asked if the new designs were ready. Sahiba presented him with the new designs. The client liked them and thought he didn’t know what a great artist she was. Kiara called him and asked him to send her new designs by the same artist immediately. He agreed and asked for more money. She fixed Rs 10,000 for the design and asked him to send her the pictures immediately. He clicked pictures and told Sahiba that he couldn’t see properly and so clicked the pictures. She asked him to pay more for her projects, but he refused and said he had to work hard on her raw designs so he couldn’t pay more. Sahiba sensed his intention and refused to sell him the projects. He said he would pay Rs 1500 for the design. She said at least 2000 rupees per design and he agreed, thinking he would make a profit of 8000 rupees for the design, and sent it to Alia.

Aaliya went to Angad and said her projects were ready. He said he felt they were happy to see her happy and advised her to never compromise on her work. She showed him the projects and said she had been waiting for them. She thought she would soon become the chief designer of the jewelry company Brar. Prabjot walked in and informed them that Seerat’s parents were coming today to discuss Angad and Seerat’s union, and Gurleen and Manveer were already busy with preparations. Angad said he was going to lunch with Seerat today. Prabyot was excited and asked if he had bought a gift for Sirat. Veer said he had already selected the best diamond ring for Seerat in their shop. Harry inspected the ring, charmed it, and tricked Angad into thinking girls like honesty in boys, not diamonds. Angad easily managed to fool him with his trick and asked what he should take then. Harry suggested he take the flowers and stole the ring. He thought diamond expert Angad didn’t know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, Seerat would be impressed if he gave her a diamond ring.

Seerat got ready to meet Angad. Taiji praised her beauty. Kirat taunted Seerat and said she was accompanying her on Sahiba’s order and would protect her from afar. Sirat hesitated, but refused Kirat’s determination and took her with him. Angad visited Inder. Inder congratulated him on his new life path and said his son was now thinking about himself and was going to meet his life partner. He gave his watch to Angad and said his time would change now. Angad got emotional and said that this was not just a gift but an emotion for him. Manveer felt happy seeing father and son bonding. Santosh arrived at the Brar mansion with stylish gifts. The security guard greeted her and apologized for her past bad behavior. Santosh entered the mansion and started acting out a rich drama.

Preparation for the union was underway when tragedy struck. Harry’s thugs surrounded Seerat. Kirat fought them and got injured. Sahiba was worried about Kirat who described what happened. Sahiba asked where Angad was. Kirat said Angad had never come there at all. Sahiba decided to teach Angad a lesson.

The incident had shaken Sahiba and her family to their core. Sahiba was determined to make sure that Angad would never again take advantage of anyone. She knew that she had to find a way to make him understand the consequences of his actions.

Sahiba decided to confront Angad and talk to him about what had happened. She asked him why he had not gone to meet Seerat and why he had stolen the diamond ring. Angad was taken aback by Sahiba’s questions. He tried to explain that he had not stolen the ring and that he had only taken the flowers as a gift. Sahiba refused to believe him and said that he had taken advantage of Seerat’s innocence and had stolen the diamond ring.

Angad felt ashamed of himself and apologized to Sahiba and her family. He promised that he would never do anything like this again. Sahiba was satisfied with his apology and said that she would forgive him if he promised to never take advantage of anyone again. Angad accepted her terms and promised to never do anything like this again.

Sahiba and her family were relieved that the incident was over. They knew that Angad had learned his lesson and that he would never do anything like this again. They were also thankful that Kirat had been brave enough to fight off the thugs and protect Seerat.

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