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Teri Mary Dorian February 27, 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Brars continues to wait for Seerat. The guests ask Angad why Seerat hasn’t come yet, is everything okay. Angad says yes. Darji is angry with the guest. Angad is afraid that Seerat is angry with him for asking her too many questions and thinks that he will not ask her such questions again. The reporters get out of hand and ask Lucky to report what’s going on inside if the wedding is cancelled. Hansraj gets angry with them and slaps them with his tongue for misbehaving. Then the journalists asked him to inform them about the situation inside. Hansraj says Seerat is a rich bhag family and he needs time to prepare.

Kirat asks Jaslin to resolve the situation outside. Jaslin says she can expose their lies, but she doesn’t. Santosh says this is wrong. Jasleen says Santosh lied till now and when it is time to save her family’s dignity, she doesn’t want to lie. Sahiba says she never lies. Jaslin says then she should be ready to see her parents in jail and face humiliation. It acts as a waste.
Santosh holds her legs and pleads to save her from jail. Jasleen says she feels sorry for her and asks her to convince her daughter to replace Seerat. Sahiba asks what else her mother lied about, other than that they are both not her daughters. Kirat asks Santosh to talk.

The guests discuss that something is really wrong, that Sirat is not coming out. Jaspal says Seerat made time when they came to her house, even now she is doing the same. Prabjyot asks Jaspal if she should go check. Jaspal stops her and says that Jasleen has already left. Prabjyot notices that Angad is upset and asks Veer to cheer him up. Ver encourages him. Sahiba asks Santosh what else did she lie to Brars. Santosh says now is not the time to discuss it and emotionally blackmails her to replace Seerat as bride. Sahiba refuses. Santosh says Ajith will be humiliated and his face will be black etc.

Kirat warns her to stop blackmailing Sahib and not drag her into a web of lies. Santosh says they will have to face humiliation for no fault of theirs. Sahiba asks not to force her. Sanosh holds her legs and threatens to commit suicide. Sirat stops her. Jasleen smiles and thinks Sahiba will spoil Angad’s mood better than Seerat. Twinkle knocks on the door and enters. Jasleen asks what she is doing here, they will bring the bride soon. Twinkle informs that she saw Seerat running away with the boy in the car and shows the photo. Jaslin warns her not to tell anyone about this and offers money. Flickering leaves.

Ajith thinks he can’t meet anyone because of Santosh’s lies. Sudha says maybe Seerat got a video call from her sisters. Bebe says the wedding muhurat is also important. Sudha asks for some time. Harry calls Angad and lies that he has handled the situation at their shop and so Angad should enjoy his wedding. Angad says they are still waiting for Angad. Harry asks if everything is alright. Angad hopes the problem will end in an accident at the store and hangs up, thanking him for handling the situation. Kirat goes in search of Seerat. Sanots continues to emotionally blackmail Sahib.

Preparation: Sahiba replaces Sirat as bride.
Jaslin introduces her as the best bride in the world. Ajit holds Sahib’s hand and realizes that it is her.

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