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Teri Mary Dorian February 26, 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Brars anxiously awaits Seerat’s arrival. The reporter says live that everyone is waiting for Seerat to start the wedding rituals. Brars asks Sudha why Santosh is taking time to bring Seerat and says their guests are eagerly waiting and they can’t face humiliation from guests. Darji tells Ajit and Suja that they can inform if Seerat falls ill, both families can handle the situation. Sudha says she will go check. Jasleen says she will go check as she is closer to Santosh.

Jasleen comes out of Seerat’s room and hears Santosh and her daughter talking. Santosh continues to be upset after learning that Seerat has run away. Kirat says he will break the bones of the boy Seerat ran away with. Santosh admits that she is responsible for this condition. Kirat says that she and Sahiba always accompanied Seerat everywhere, but Santosh’s web of lies kept them away from Seerat, which helped Seerat to take such a drastic step. She assures Santosh that she will find Seerat and bring her back after breaking her boyfriend’s bones. Sahiba decides to stay with Santosh.

Kirat opens the door. Jasleen walks in and looks everywhere for Seerat. Santosh lies that Seerat went to the living room. Jaslin asks why would she, when the best makeup artists in town work here. Santosh asks her to wait for some time till they find Seerat and bring her back. Jasleen warns her to stop lying anymore as she knows all her lies, she knows that these 2 girls breaking into each group are Santosh’s younger daughters and Seerat ran away with the boy. She humiliates Santosh for his web of lies. Sahiba warns her to behave with her mother. Jasleen asks her to look into her eyes and say Santosh is not a big liar. Sahiba says she will go and bring Seerat.

Jasleen tongues Sahib for not knowing what her sister is up to and Santosh for not knowing about her daughter’s boyfriend. She demands to replace Seerat with Sahiba and asks Sahiba to wear a wedding dress and marry Angad. Sahiba refuses. Santosh says that Angad’s wedding with Seerat and Sahib has nothing to do with it. Santosh asked her to call Seerat immediately. Sahiba asks for some time. Jasleen says Manveer will know the truth and then he will cancel this alliance. Her argument with Sahiba continues.

Preparation: Santosh insists that Sahiba wears a wedding dress and replaces Seerat. Sahiba refuses. Someone knocks on the door.

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