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Sahiba refuses to wear the dress and ornaments sent by Brar for the wedding and tells Angad that she has already told him that she is not his slave to obey his orders. Angad forcefully tries to make her wear bangles and shouts that her generation must not have seen such precious ornaments and clothes, so it is difficult for her to wear them. Sahiba continues to resist and argue with him. Angad continues to force her saying Brar’s family is a brand and he can’t destroy his family name because of her. Sahiba releases her hand and asks if this is how the women in his family taught him to respect women. Bebe and Gurlin come in and stop Angad. Angad leaves angrily. Gurlin tells Sahib that not all Brars misbehave with her and asks Sahib to forget Angad’s misbehavior and prepare for the reception as it is Darji’s request and Fmaili’s dignity is a question. She tries to fix the bracelet on her wrist, but Sahiba refuses and says that she cannot sacrifice her self-respect. Gurlin is leaving.

Bebe tells Sahiba that she has come to seek something from her and asks her to prepare for the reception so well that all Brars-DIL will look bored in front of her and come down. Sahiba refuses. Bebe if she asked something big. Sahiba says rich people get angry if their orders are rejected. Bebe says she knows Sahiba is angry because of Brars being insulted by her and her mother, she and Angad got married for their family but knowingly or unknowingly Brar family is also Sahiba’s family now and it is her duty – to protect the dignity of one’s family. She walks away, saying that now it’s up to her to decide whether or not to attend the reception. Sahiba stands and thinks.

Seerat calls Harry and finds that his number has been switched off. She calls the office of Brar Jewelers and asks the clerk to pass the phone to Harry Baveji. Admin informs that because of Angada’s wedding, Brars did not visit the office for 3 days and they opened the office only today. She then informs him that Angad’s reception is today and Harry must be at it. Seerat is tensed that Harry will find out her truth and Brars has accepted Sahiba as his DIL. She is thinking of attending the reception and is afraid that something unpleasant will happen.

Harry shows his feigned concern for Angad and says he will never forgive Jaslyn for what she did, and leaves Brar Manor with his mother and sister. Angad asks him not to do this and says that he will not allow a rift between the family members because of Sahiba and blames Saiba for all the problems. Harry promises to fix the problems. Guests enter the reception. Journalists ask Yaspal about the reception. Harry takes the job and tells Jaspal that he will deal with the reporters. He signals to his puppet reporter, who says there was already drama at the wedding, and now they’re going to reveal what drama awaits at the reception. Harry asks her to make the news as sensational as possible.

Angad enters. Reporters question Angad about his breakup with his wife and ask whether his wife will attend the reception or not. Inder walks in and criticizes the reporters for sensationalizing someone’s personal life for their benefit and says that a bride is considered a queen and a queen takes time to get ready so they should wait. Harry’s puppet reporter asks what he’s doing here. Inder asks what is this question, he is at his son’s appointment. He takes Angad from there. Angad thanks him for coming and handling the situation. Inder says that when the confident Angad looked weak, he thought that Angad needed his dad, so he came to support him.

Preparation: Reporters ask the Brars why they are acting normal after so much happened at the wedding and if everything is normal why Sahiba didn’t come. Sahiba comes to them and says Sahiba Brar is here and holds Angad’s hand and says maybe it is difficult for him to pose with her.

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