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Teri Mary Dorian March 16, 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Ajit and Kirat ask Santosh how is Sahib at Brar mansion? Santosh remembers what Sahiba told her. Santosh tells Ajith and Kirat that the Brars treat Sahiba very well, especially Angad.

Manveer asks Jasleen. Jasleen asks Manveer if she can see tears in her eyes. Manveer says it is crocodile tears. Jasleen tells Manveer if she has already condemned her as a criminal, there is no point in giving her an explanation. Manveer comments on this. Jasleen says people in this house are always against her and everyone blames her.

Manveer comments on her words. Jabjyot asks Manveer to calm down. Manveer complains to Jabjyot about Jasleen, saying that Jasleen always tried to instigate each other. Manveer says Jasleen was trying to instigate Inder against her or vice versa. Manveer also says that Jasleen tried to instigate Angad and her against Inder. Jabjyot asks Manveer to forget what happened as there is no point in remembering what happened.

Manveer asks Jabjyot how she can forget seeing Angad in suffering. Jabjyot says there is no point in thinking about what happened. Sahiba also says that she only said this to prove that she was not deceiving them. Jabjot ends this argument and says that they need to get ready for the evening reception. Everyone leaves from there. Jasleen thinks to herself that she is going to make Manveer pay for the insult she has done.

Santosh tells Ajith and Kirat that the Brars have received her warmly and says that she is going to freshen up and leaves from there. Kirat and Ajit feel that Brar will never be able to accept Santosh so warmly and Angad will never accept Sahib so easily.

Veer sees Sahiba sad in her room and tries to cheer her up by teasing her with the Shimlapuri Golgappe he has brought for her. Veer asks Sahib to smile if he doesn’t take these Golgappes. Veera manages to encourage Sahib. Veer apologizes to Sahiba on behalf of his family.

Veer tells Sahiba that Angad is not a bad guy but he doesn’t know why he is behaving like this with her. Sahiba disagrees with Veer and says she only saw Angad trying to humiliate others. Veer comments on what she said and hopes they will meet soon.

Angad comes to Inder’s room. Angad tries to drink the wine. Inder stops him. He says you used to stop me then why are you trying to have it. Angad says he thought of drinking to reduce the pain. Inder asks him to drink. Angad is drinking. Inder says alcohol is a partner for lonely people but you have me and you can share anything with me. Angad hugs him. Inder says I know your inner pain as I feel your pain.

Angad says he fell in love for the first time and dreamed of having her in his life, but she shattered his dreams. He says you tried to stop me from getting married but. Inder says no need to talk as I know you married your grandpa and I destroyed my dreams of your grandpa and I am broken from inside but I will not let you face your situation and I want to see how I will win by making you win. He hugs Angad. Yaspal hears everything. Gurlin takes Jaspal with him.

Manveer, Jaspal and Gurlin go to Akala’s room. Akaal asks about the purpose of their visit. Manveer tells Akaal that they should cancel the reception. Jaspal supports Manveer. Akaal says he arranged the reception to make it look like they are married and happy.
Manveer asks who is happy with this marriage. Akaal says they need to accept God’s wish. Angad comes and tells Akaal that he has to make an important announcement at tomorrow’s reception and says that the reception cannot be canceled for any reason.

The episode ends.

Prev – Angad will ask Sahib to wear the dress given to her by Gurlin and attend the reception. Sahiba says she will not wear this dress. Angad asks Sahib why she always creates problems for him? Sahiba argues with Angad about wearing this dress and says that it is up to her to decide which dress she will wear. Angad says he will see her not wearing this dress. Angad takes the bracelet and puts it on Sahiba. Sahiba asks Angad to leave her as she says he is hurting her.

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