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Teri Mary Dorian March 11, 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Angad notices someone at the main door and thinks Sahiba is back. The security guard says he came for a routine inspection. Angad asks if he saw Sahiba leaving. The security guard says he didn’t see her leave. Angad is waiting for Sahib. Sahiba returns home. Angad asks where she was hiding. Sahiba says everyone was sleeping so she didn’t disturb anyone. He asks where she went at 11pm and holds her hand. Sahiba asks how dare he touch her and warns him to leave her hand. Angad insists on telling her that she is gone. She says for some important work. He says that now she is the bahu of Brar family and her actions are dishonoring them. Their dispute continues. Sahiba feels dizzy due to weakness and falls on her shoulder. The whole family is gathering. Angad pushes her away.

Darji/Akal asks what is happening. Veer asks Sahiba if she is fine. Sahiba says she felt dizzy. Veer says this happens if she doesn’t eat since morning. Darji asks if it is true. Veer says he brought food for Sahiba but Angad stopped him and even ate the plate of food. Angad scolds him for supporting Sahiba against his brother. Daarji says lets go inside and talk. At home, Darji scolds Angad for keeping his wife hungry and says he can’t believe that Angad, who takes care of his workers like family, treated his wife so badly. Bebe asks why Angada is scolding, why Sahiba couldn’t ask for food. Veer says that Angad scolded Sahib that any decent person does not eat.

Prabyot says Sahiba is acting to gain sympathy. Sahiba looks at her angrily. Prabyot complains to Manveer. Manveer warns her to lower her look and voice in front of all the Brars if she wants to stay here. Sahiba says that she should learn her son’s manners, which is constantly bothering her. Angad shouts. The prince comes out and asks why he is shouting. Prabyot signals Hansraj, who controls Prince and takes him away. Jasleen says maybe Sahiba went out to eat. Darji scolds Angad again for forgetting family values ​​and asks Bebe what she wants to say about it. Bebe says that she is sorry that even the servants do not sleep hungry in their house. Darji calls the maid and asks why she didn’t make Sahib eat. The servant tries to speak but cannot see Angad. Darji orders Baby to feed Sahib and then return to their room. The maid brings the food.

Sahiba politely tells Baby that she cannot eat as she values ​​her self-respect more than food. Angad shouts that a girl from a gangster family is saying this and says he will feed her food himself. Sahiba refuses and warns him to keep his distance from her. Angad forcefully bites her mouth and warns that he will not spare her so easily. Their dispute continues..

Previous Stage: Sanots prepares food for Sahiba and decides to visit her and convince her. Ajit says Sahiba will not meet her.
Gurlin visits Sahiba and says that she has come to see her for the post-wedding ritual.
Sahiba says she knows her and Angad’s equation, even then she came to take her for the ritual?

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