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Teri Mary Dorian February 11, 2023 Written Episode Written Update at

Kirat reaches Sudha’s kitchen with sweets through the back passage and covers Sudha’s eyes from behind. Sudha recognizes her by the touch of her rough hands and says she will never forget her daughter. Kirat asks her to serve sweets to Brars. Sudha asks why she came late and from back way. Kirat says her bike broke down and recalls climbing from Veer. Veer feels irritated when he reaches the same place by Kirat’s mentioned route. He asks someone about Sudha’s bungalow, who says it is right in front of him. He gets angry with Kirat Pehalwan for misleading him and decides to take revenge on her. Sahiba leaves Sudha’s house in sadness after Angad humiliates her in front of her selfish family. Veer is surprised to see her there.

Sudha serves sweets to Brars. Angad smiles looking at Seerat. Prabiot and Gurlin mock him. Bebe says anyone will be happy to see the beautiful Sirat. Caspal says Sirat is a little late. Jasleen says maybe she is stuck in traffic. Seerat says Jasleen is right. Angad finds Seerat so good-natured that she blames the traffic for Sahiba’s mistake. Seerat thinks that Angad is so expressionless and unlike the charming Harry. Manveer says they liked Seerat for Angad and fixes the alliance. Bebe says they should ask Angad once. Angad is shy. Ajith feels that Santosh made a big mistake by hiding the truth that Sahiba is Seerat’s younger sister just to fix this union.

Bebe praises Seerat’s beauty and nature and says that she always wanted Angad to marry such a girl. Jaspal greets Ajit and asks Bebe if they have to perform the roku/engagement before the chunri/veil ritual. Bebe says she wants all the rituals to be done at the Brar mansion as it is her first grandchild’s wedding. Santosh is feeling happy. Veer asks Sahib why she is leaving without noticing him. She says she is sad and tired because of the pressure at work. He says he’s sure she can handle stress easily. He gets a call from Gurlin, who informs him that Angad’s wedding has been arranged. He excitedly informs Sahib about the same and says that he has to go as his brother’s wedding cannot be arranged without him. Sahiba thinks that even she is a younger sister, but her alliance is made without her. Although she says she is happy for Seerat.

Harry is busy flirting with another girl when Seerat informs him that her wedding to Angad has been arranged and he must do something. He thinks about what he should do and praises himself for catching Seerat so easily. Sahiba returns home tired after buying clothes for Seerat’s engagement and thinks that she will finish her work tomorrow. Kirat finds herself working tirelessly for the ungrateful Santhosh and Seerat who are currently enjoying themselves at Sudha’s house. Sahiba asks her not to worry about their mother and elder sister. Ajit brings warm water to wash Sahiba’s feet with red teary eyes. Sahiba asks why he is crying. He says that he feels guilty and helpless for allowing the rich and arrogant Angad to humiliate his daughter, now he has realized that he is really poor, etc. Sahiba tries to console him. He washes Sahiba’s feet and his tears fall on her feet. Sahiba begs him not to cry.

The next day, the engagement ceremony begins at Brar’s mansion. Darji tells Baby that he is very happy that the girl who visited them during their wedding anniversary is becoming Angad’s wife. Bebe prays to God that Angad and Seerat’s marriage will be filled with endless love and unity like theirs. Jasleen thinks that Angad and Seerat’s marriage will end in a month, she will take revenge for being cheated on her. Brass dances to Dhak Dhak Dhadke Ye Dil.. Jasleen signals Harry to leave the party. A boy reports this girl’s family game. Bras come out and greet them. Santosh is happy to see the luxurious decoration. Ajith stands out and says what Santosh is doing is wrong. Santosh threatens him and asks him to act. Bras welcome them and praise the beauty of Sirat. Seerat thinks where is Harry, she needs to talk to him before the engagement.

Preparation: Seerat holds Harry’s hand before the engagement, leaving everyone in shock. Ajit calls Sahib for help.

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