Tamil Nadu Govt gives permission for Thadvu-Varisi additional scenes

Ajith’s film Thadvu, directed by H. Vinod, and Vijay’s Warisu, directed by Vamsi, were released in theaters yesterday to critical acclaim. Not only the fans of both the actors but also many screen celebrities enjoyed the special show with the fans.

Succession – Courage

Following this, from January 13 to 16, the 4 am and 5 am screenings of Varisu and Thadvu have been cancelled. Apart from that, the Tamil Nadu government had issued a notification prohibiting fans from anointing tall banners in theater premises with milk and charging excessive fees in violation of the rules.

Fortitude – Succession

In this case, the Tamil Nadu government has given permission to screen additional scenes of Varisu and Thadhavu movies on January 12, 13 and 18 ahead of Pongal based on the request made by theater owners. Also, only 4 screenings are allowed in theaters from 14th to 17th.

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