Spy x Family Chapter 68 Release Date Spoilers Reddit, Raw Scans, Time, Cast

The new chapter of Spy X Family has been released, and lovers are eager to read the magazine series. Let us discover more about the episode that was recently published by the creators. This episode introduced the much-anticipated character, Yuri Briar, and it was revealed that SSS wants to demonstrate to his sister that he is superior to her spouse in a convincing and enjoyable manner. The last episode revealed that Loid is duping his employee into believing that a spy saved him, and the current chapter will center on Loid in this manner. The current chapter, chapter 68, begins with Anya coaxing Damien to come to her house in the episode’s opening moments.

In another scenario, Franky and Fiona are in the hospital, and SSS agents move to capture Loid and convince DR that he has earned his opportunity. Later, Loid sees this as a chance and uses the victim’s card to save himself. Yori begins fighting a gang of crooks, and one of them introduces himself as Gullick’s son. Yori destroys the person while causing a little problem for himself. Despite Yori was not injured during the battle, fighting causes his wrists to swell in Spy X Family Chapter 68.

Spy x Family Chapter 68 Release Date

Yori, who is upset, claims that she had her hands shoved in the door and that in this way, he prevents her truth from being revealed in front of her family. When Lois inquires about her health, Yori responds that she has to relax in order for her hands to recover. Yuri Briar enters the forger’s apartment and wishes to spend the remainder of the day with her sister, Loid is accused after the agent notices Yori was harmed, and the assassin attempts to soothe her brother, but Yori harms herself much more during this dialogue. Yuri chastises Loid for neglecting his wife and Anya while he cooks food. Loid enters the kitchen and prepares supper for Yori and Anya, while Bond keeps Yori company.

In the following scene, Yori apologizes to her spouse for her behavior against Yuri, and the Agent tells him that doing so is not an issue. Yori is grateful to Loid for his kindness, while Yuri feels envious of Loid since Yori is grateful to him. Yuri storms into the kitchen, intending to cook lunch for Yori. In later scenes, Yuri is praised by Yori, who informs her that Loid’s culinary abilities have taught her to enjoy various dishes. After finishing the love discussion, Yuri demands that Loid clear the dishes, and in his haste, Loid breaks Forger’s plate.

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