Sonali Phogat Died at the age of 41, Cause of death BJP Leader Sonali Phogat

Sonali Phogat, a Bjp politician and TikTok sensation, died unexpectedly while in Goa. Several comments from politicians have surfaced claiming that Sonali was suffering a heart attack and died while still in Goa. She was in Goa with her group for work when she died unexpectedly from a heart attack. Haryana BJP chairman OP Dhankar said in a declaration that he was told Sonali was in Goa at the time that she died. Many individuals began spreading these details and their sympathies. Let us discover more about the leader, Sonali Phogat.

Who Was Sonali Phogat?

Sonali was a Television celebrity who appeared in the 14th season of Bigg Boss when she was 41, in addition to going into politics and a social networking site phenomenon. She also ran in the 2019 elections as a BJP leader versus Kuldeep Bishnoi for the Adampur seat. She formerly belonged to the Congress party, but in the elections, she switched to the BJP. Sonali joined the famed Big Boss program in the 14th season as a wild card entry after the program had already begun.

Sonali Phogat Cause Of Death

Sonali’s life has been littered with stumbling blocks as a result of several incidents. She was also a performer who appeared in a variety of daily tv dramas. She started her debut in the television sector with the 2016 series Ek Maa Jo Laskhon ke liye bani amma. Later, in 2019, she starred in the Haryanvi movie chhoriyan chhoron se kam nahi hoti. Aside from that, she has appeared in several Haryanvi and Punjabi videos. Sonali rose to prominence after appearing in the online series Badmashgarh. She was very active on social networking sites, where several folks followed her posts.

Sonali Phogat Political Career

Sonali’s career in politics started in 2008 when she was the Mahila Morcha leader of the Bharatiya Janata party. Despite putting up a valiant fight and facing stiff competition, she was defeated in the elections. Many issues surrounded her, including the death of her spouse in 2016, and she was also jailed for hitting a government worker. The funeral arrangements have not yet been released because she was distant from her homeland and the funeral may take some time. Sonali died on Monday, August 22 according to her asst.

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