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A piece of big news is making buzz on the web with several questions. We see the ups and downs in politics. We see cold fights also take place sometimes at parties, which is a very normal thing. Now a name is trending on the web. On Tuesday, a decision has been decided by Shiv Sena to remove Eknath Shinde as its Legislative party leader after Shine and other MLAs on his side means his party.

His party has gone isolated and has been camping in Surat. Sewri MLA Ajay Chaudhary will be the new Shiv Sena Legislative Party leader. This news gets viral on the web and takes interest in the news. Here you will get all the details about the in this article. Let’s continue the article.

The Uddhav Thackeray-led government in Maharashtra looks to be in catastrophe after Shinde and some MLAs of his assembly camped in Surat, after one day voting was crossed by the suspect in MLC polls, creating a quarries mark on the firmness of the MVA exemption.

As shine is due to tell about his side and opinion, Maharashtra BJP chief Chandrakanth Patil refuses to the words of his assembly to the processing political evolution however BJP would explain “Surely Consider” a matter if it comes from Shinde to form a government. This Maharashtra news is making a sensation on social media.

eknath sindhe

Based on speaking Delhi NCP Chief Pawar mentioned The attempt has been done to pull down the Maharashtra government, and this is explained 3rd time. One thing also has been mentioned to him that Uddhav Thackeray will manage the condition which is a confidential thing of the Sena.

There are 13 MLAs, who are independent. The opposition has 06 MLAs. Leaders of NCP and Congress, the other component, of the MVA, nevertheless affirm that there is no imminence to the firmness of the state government.

In a did effort to put an end to the unrest, party MP Sanjay Raut put claimed that contact has been set up with Shinde, who he explained as a “loyal Shiv Sainik of Balasaheb Thackeray”.

The sudden vanish condition of Shinde and some party MLAs give rise to Cheif minister Uddhav Thackeray to call an emergency meeting with party legislators and leaders at ‘Varsha’, his official residence, in Mumbai. The actual and accurate number of MLAs camping with Shinde is clarified. However, several legislators of Sena have gone secluded.

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A senior leader of NCP and minister of State Chhagan Bhujbal mentioned to PTI that the MLAs of his party are unbroken. Bhujbal and state and leaders of congress Nana Patole refused any threat to the MVA government. Congress minister Balasaheb Thorat explained his assembly is observing the growth in the Shiv Sena they have told to the Chief minister.

After all this, A congress minister mentioned Shinde has been unrelaxed and feeling uneasy the few time and said that the Leader of Sena has wished to deputy Cheif minister’s post. A minister, who has the holder of the post of senior minister in the Sena government, wields satiety influence in the satellite cities of Mumbai. Stay tuned for more updates.

Nevertheless, the police have increased security outside his address in the Police station. A balmed has been put by Raut on BJP for the current political condition. He explained as well that BJP tries, like in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, to tumble the MVA government will not flourish.

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Who is Ajay Choudhary?

Ajay Choudhary is known as the leader of the Shiv Sena Legislative Party and a politician in Maharashtra. At the current time, he is a member of the Legislative Assembly from Shivaji Vidhan Sabha electorate of Mumbai, Maharashtra India holding the position of member of Shiv Sena.

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