Shahrukh Confirms His Cameo in Tiger 3, SRK to appear in Salman Khan movie

We all know that Bollywood celebrities run into controversy because of many types of topics. Now the legends are in the headlines, those have no need for any introduction. Yes, we are talking about King khan and Bhai Jaan of Bollywood. Yes, you heard right we are talking about the Sharukh Khan and Salman Khan. They are stars in Bollywood. They have big popularity in the world. They have done several films, and many films have been done together. Now, they are in the spotlight because of the new film “Tiger 3”. This news is getting viral on the web and people are curious to know more information about the news. We will tell you the entire matter of the viral news.

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What has Sharukh spoken related to working with Salman Khan on a recent Instagram?


According to the report, Sharukh Khan spoke about the working Salman Khan on Instagram. He has revealed that he has a cameo in the upcoming film Tiger 3 and mentioned this on his Instagram account. He has spoken about his work with Salman Khan. He explained that there is no working experience with Salman Khan, there is love experience, it is about the happiest bond, and friendly experience, and a brotherly experience.” He added that the time was great when he worked with him.

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Furthermore, he said, they have not really done a full-fledged movie together besides, this film was also not a full-fledged film. On an honest note, they are not together, he mentioned. Additionally, he said, they get 4-5 days in the year to work in a film.” King Khan added how the last years were great when they shared the screen on a few projects together and spilled the beans on working in Tiger 3.”

He also spoke about the last two years, he said “that two years were fabulous and the reason is he got to be in one of his movies. He came in Zero and did a song with him and, now in Pathan and he said he has no idea about this because of confidential matter but he will try to be in Tiger 3 also.”

He said he consider Salman as a brother and said that was a great time when he worked with him. There is a special thanks he wants to say before he says how much he loves Salman. He calls him a family. They have no idea who is the elder one, they behave like the elder brother in different situations. Whoever does mistakes is the elder brother”. Apart from this Shahrukh Khan will appear in Tiger 3 and Salman Khan is ready to stare in Pathan.

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They both are sensations of India and both have done great work and they are doing amazing work still. They are outstanding and incredible celebrities in their work. Salman and Sharukh have to die heart fan following among people. They are famous all over the globe with a great reputation. Their films collect collections with their work. They did signature films Sharukh Khan’s signature film is “Dil Vale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge” and Salman’s signature film is “Hum Apke Hain Kon” and many more.

Apart from this, we know that Salman and Sharukh had some issues and differences, it is possible that now they have forgotten everything and trying to make things good. Sharukh’s Cameo news is taking huge attention from the people and it has become the most searched topic on google search engine. This was the entire report, which people were trying to know about the news. If any latest update comes we will share it with you. Stay tuned for more updates.

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