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A piece of news is hitting the search engine on a big scale. People are searching for the news because this news is gaining the highest attention of the netizens. Now that king Khan is in the headlines and the spotlight because of his new film’s poster. We know celebrities run into controversy because of their films. Now Sharukh Khan’s Pathan poster is getting compared with Idris Elba’s Beast, and the fan’s reaction is that “SRK did better. This news is taking place on social media with high controversy. People are searching for the news and want to know all the details about the poster. We will tell you all the appropriate information in this article. Let’s continue the article.

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When has the poster been launched and who is the poster?

According to the report, Shah Rukh Khan is back on his pitch. The poster took the place on Saturday 25th June 2022. The actor, who is making his come his come back after 4 years. The poster is very cool and attractive. Sharukh khan is standing in his dashing style on the poster. He is holding a gun in his hand, which is making him look more attractive and amazing. He is standing with half turn and only one side of his face is getting visible. People are doing comparisons with Idris Elba’s Beast.

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What is the reaction of the fans after seeing the poster?

Sharukh Khan fans are praising the post and they are saying that Salman Khan is back on the pitch. He is looking dashing and interesting with his new look. We all know that Sharukh’s standing style is very famous. His fans try to act out of his style but no one can match his style. He is wonderful in his style.

What is the release date of Pathan?

When the poster has been released, the controversy got started. Sharukh Khan and Deepika Padukone’s Pathan is set to release on January 25 next year and its first poster reveals the look of Sharukh Khan in the film. On the other hand, Idris Elba’s Beast poster was launched previously and the film is ready to entertain its fans on 19 August this year. Read the entire article for better information.

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As per the report, as the debate reached Reddit, many comments have been made by the fans and the critics as well. People are saying that how is a possibility that both posters are very similar. Several people started commenting on Twitter and shared the poster saying how YRF (Yash Raj films) can’t even create an original poster and has to copy Hollywood for a poster of the film. A user said, there can be several similarities between both posters but have to say that the SRK poster is looking better in every and each sense. There are some possibilities YRF’s marketing team already thought similar to how the poster will be designed. Overall, the poster of Shahrukh Khan’s film has become a discussed topic. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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