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Sanjay Dutt had a long battle with most cancers, his doctor revealed

Sanjay Dutt is most affected by cancer. On World Cancer Day, the legendary actor’s doctor, Levine shared his journey with most cancers and how he stayed strong.

Sharing the early bits, Levin says, “He faced his reckoning and made a decision. He advised me, ‘I’m going to carry on as if I didn’t have cancer for the most part, just deal with getting my life back, breathing and It doesn’t take self-discipline to do that.’ Negativity was by no means a choice for him. I can say that he came here with perhaps the most powerful remedy: his thoughts, willpower and willpower. And that won more than half the battle.”

He further added, “His psychological make-up was very solid, he did not hide his illness in any way and took the problem head on from day one. She was open with her family and companions, not afraid to appear vulnerable at the entrance. Among them, was sincere with them and took their strength when needed. It’s the second most powerful remedy, the help of family and friends, who can lift you out of the rut that most cancer treatments involve.”

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