Rohit Pratap Singh Hindu Man Suicide after Muslim Wife Forcefully Feed Him Beef

An incredibly strange instance occurred in Surat, Gujarat, and the occurrence was truly tragic, taking the life of a guy. The event occurred in June of this year when a man’s wife and brother-in-law harassed him until he chose to terminate his life by committing himself. The case drew the attention of local law officials, who launched an inquiry. Along with that, the case attracted widespread attention around the city and ultimately became extremely popular on social networking sites. Find out more about Hindus. After his Muslim wife and brother-in-law pushed him to eat beef, a man attempted suicide.

As previously stated, the matter began in June when he was persuaded by his spouse and brother-in-law. According to sources, the victim was recognized as Rohit Pratap Singh, who belonged to the Hindu group but married a lady from Muslim girl named Sonam Ali. According to reports, Singh’s wife and his brother Akhtar Ali forced him to swallow beef.

Furthermore, the brother and sister combination attempted to murder him, even though Singh declined to take beef all the time but they both tormented him repeatedly. Finally, Singh made the difficult decision to terminate his life in order to free himself of all of this. However, before committing suicide, he left a suicide note on the popular social media platform Facebook. After his suicide note garnered notoriety, he passed away after two months, and authorities began their inquiry, eventually uncovering the truth after arduous efforts that surprised everyone.

Rohit Pratap Singh’s suicide letter states that he is departing this life and that his wife and brother-in-law are to blame for his life. He also asked all of his buddies to help him provide justice. According to the message, he ate meat after they attempted to murder him.

The message states that he no longer deserves to exist in the world and that he intends to commit himself. When the victim’s relatives discovered the suicide letter, they contacted the Surat Cops. Surat Police have filed a report against the accused, and an inquiry will begin soon. We will get the return to you with additional details about the case, but in the meanwhile, remain connected.

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