Rakhi Sawant instagram Hack

Something happened to the famous actress and model Rakhi Sawant, who is known as a famous personality and drama queen, that she could not stop herself from crying. As we all know that Rakhi Sawant always keeps doing something or the other due to which she remains in the headlines. On Saturday, Rakhi Sawant came in front of the paparazzi and cried a lot. She was accompanied by her boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani. She told that her Facebook and Instagram accounts have been hacked. And he expressed concern about this that many wrong things are being posted on her social media account. Rakhi Sawant also said that she tried to change the password of her social accounts but she is not able to access it. She reached Oshiwara police station on Saturday evening regarding this matter.

Rakhi Sawant Video Viral

Rakhi Sawant’s video is becoming quite viral

On Saturday, Rakhi was spotted outside the gym with her boyfriend. She told the paparazzi crying that she was very upset because his account was being hacked. She is getting many dirty dirty messages. In the video, she is seen telling the whole thing.

Nowadays social media hacking has become very common. Hacking complaints are increasing. People’s accounts are getting hacked overnight.

Rakhi Sawant has blamed her ex-husband Ritesh

Rakhi Sawant has revealed that when she was dating Ritesh, he used to handle her social media accounts. But even after separating, she did not change the passwords of their social media accounts. She said that Ritesh has hacked all my social media accounts. I didn’t change my password because I thought we were amicably separated and he wouldn’t take any revenge on me. But he wants to take revenge and he told me he will ruin me.

Rakhi Sawant Meets Cyber Crime Unit

After the account was hacked, Rakhi Sawant met the Cyber Crime Unit. And gave them all the information about this matter.

Rakhi has now told that the password of her social media account has been changed.

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