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Rajjo 3rd February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajo saying that I have to see where Jhilmil is. Niharika is injured. She says I am not getting the ointment. Siya says I know, I will get it. Niharika leaves. Rajo comes there and doesn’t see Siya. She locks the pantry. Xia is worried. Madhu and Jhilmil look on. Rajo sees Niharika and asks why are you here. Niharika says forget cream, I will go to hospital, come with me. Rajo says I know why you are doing this drama, you want to take me to mental hospital. Niharika asks her to leave her hand. Arjun and everyone look on. Arjun says leave her hand. He says Niharika is feeling pain. Kalinda comes and asks what burned your hand. Swara says I will take toothpaste. Rajo says it is a fake wound, she is lying, she took me to mental hospital for a reason. Kalindi asks why she would do that. Rajo says Madhu, Jhilmil and Niharika are together. Madhu and Jhilmil come. Rajo says don’t act innocent, I heard Madgu and your talk. Madhu asks don’t you get tired. Jhilmil asks do you have fever, tell me what do you think, I will do bad deeds at this age, we have no enmity with Mannu. Rajo calls her a liar.

She says I locked Niharika in the storeroom. Niharika says thank god I got out. Arjun asks who did you lock there. Chirag comes and asks where is Siya, she has her dance class, Kalinda you know something. Rajo is worried. They all go to Sia. Siya is crying. Chirag and Kalindi hug her. Siya asks why did Rajo do this, why did she punish me, I didn’t do anything. Chirag asks Rajo to stay away from Siya.

He says I always supported you but not now. Rajo says someone is doing this on purpose. Arjun says don’t do this, you will spoil the relationship. He asks her to see well, everyone has lost peace and happiness. He says enough, I think you need treatment, you need help. Madhu and Jhilmil smile. Rajo is crying. Chirag takes care of Siya. Madhu asks Rajo to come. They hear Rajo screaming. She says I am doing this for your betterment. Rajo scolds Madhu. She asks not to get ahead of them. She is caught. Arjun comes and asks them to leave Rajo. He doesn’t let Madhu say anything. He says come with me, I need to talk. They are going.

Rajo hugs him and says I don’t want to go anywhere. He says sit, you accused Madhu, then your words proved wrong, Niharika, Jhilmil, you accused them, you shut Siya, I m scared for Siya. Rajo says when you were going abroad, I didn’t feel you were saying this from your heart, because my heart knew it, you don’t trust me, you were going to start a new relationship, you will learn to trust first. She scolds him.

She says I will go alone today. She is leaving. She is packing her bags. Rajo says I thought this is my family, that dream has shattered today. Rajo goes in the medical van. Arjun looks on. Rajo attacks the staff and gets down from the van. She runs and hides.

Arjun is looking for Rajo. Rajo looks for Manna and asks someone about Madhu. The woman shows the bloody shoes to Mannu. Arjun finds Rajo unconscious and shouts. He apologizes to her.

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