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Rajjo February 25, 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The episode starts with Mannu coming and distracting Kalinda. Arjun and Rajo leave. He drinks water. He asks how do you get courage, you managed so many things, I got tensed seeing Kalinda. She is joking. They both have a romantic moment. He kisses her and thanks her for saving their relationship. She says I will go now. He says I will go. She says you stay at home. He holds her hand. She is leaving. Rajo goes and asks someone about Niharika. The manager says I don’t know, I can’t help, sorry. She says what should I do now. The manager says I will send my staff, maybe he can help you. She offers money. He says no, I am not doing this for money. She thanks him. Pushkar scolds Kalinda.

Madhu comes and protects her son. She scolds Pushkar. She asks what will you tell about your daughter now, she also went to a married man, you tarnished Manna, I don’t like Rajo, but Rajo was Arjun’s wife, if Mannu should be ashamed, then even Niharika should be ashamed. She insults Pushkar. Kalindi stops him. He says ok you are doing us a favor. Madhu and Pushkar argue. She says I don’t want Arjun to go to jail again, everything will be as per my plan. She asks Kalinda if she got the rings. Kalindi shows the rings. Madhu asks her to go and see if Arjun and Niharika are ready, take them. Waiter says I know Niharika well. Rajo asks about the boy accompanying Niharika. He says he is wearing a cricket shirt with number 10. Rajo remembers and says Amit is that guy. Everyone compliments Niharika. Chirag says Arjun is not in his room. Pushkar says he escaped by tricking us. Arjun says I am not like you, I did not cheat anyone.

He hopes that Rajo has come to know about Niharika’s boyfriend. He thinks where are you Rajo, come soon. Madhu asks Arjun and Niharika to exchange rings. Everyone claps. Rajo looks on. The ring falls and rolls towards Rajo. Rajo is worried. Arjun goes to choose a ring. Rajo is hiding behind a pillar. He smiles seeing Rajo. She asks him to leave. He asks her to make him wear the ring first. She says I went to hotel and found out about Niharika’s husband. She makes him wear the ring. He smiles and holds her face. Madhu asks did you get the ring. Arjun shows the ring on his finger.

Niharika says you wore it yourself. Arjun says it doesn’t matter. Pushkar says this is important. Arjun taunts him. Madhu says someone will bring sweets. Niharika sees Rajo and says she went missing in the morning. Arjun is worried. Niharika follows Rajo. She scolds Rajo. Arjun comes and says we will take picture, come. He asks everyone to come for a photo. He says I should accept it as fate and move on, smiling now. She smiles. She asks what is your phone doing to you, we kept our phones in the locker. Arjun says I asked Chirag to give a photo, a lifetime memory of it. Niharika says I felt this maid Rajo, she deserves it, she has no class, how did you tolerate her.

Rajo says I think Amit is a hockey player, Niharika met him in academy. She meets Amit and tries to convince him to accept the child.

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