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Rajjo 22nd February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The episode starts with Arjun apologizing to Rajo. He asks her to say something, her silence hurts him. She says you asked me to keep quiet and listen to you, you forgot, listen to me, nothing happened between Niharika and you that night, it was a plan to throw me out of your life, Niharika told me everything, she poured you drink and you passed out, nothing happened, it was just a fake story. He becomes shocked. She says I know she was your friend, she betrayed you. He asks why would she do this, she was my friend. She says not your friend now, sorry, it’s true. He says she made me fall in my eyes. Kalindi asks who cheated you, tell me, I am doing this for you and this kid, what is his name. Niharika says he left me alone, what is it called, now Arjun will take our responsibility. They hear some sound and get worried seeing Swara.

Swara asks how can you do this, this is such a big lie, Kalindi and Niharika did this, why, it means Arjun is innocent, you tricked him, I will go and tell the truth to Madhu. Kalinda hurts her. Niharika says we know the truth, you were not pregnant, we will tell everyone about it. Kalinda threatens her.

Arjun says why did this happen to me. Rajo says its good that we got to know the truth. He says, I will confess my love to you today without waiting any longer. She asks him to say. He confesses his love to her.

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