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Rajjo 16th February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Episode starts with Rajo asking Swara why are you worried. Swara says Mukund didn’t hit me but he hurts me with his words, it breaks my heart, he shouts at me, I don’t know how to make him happy, our relationship wasn’t strong, it got better after you came here, you worry what I can tell you. Rajo says yes, we women first of all see other’s problems, we have to change it, we have to fight. Swara says its easy to say, you always fight for Arjun. Rajo thinks about Arjun.

Rajo says we will talk about it later, what did the doctor say. Rajo says talk to Mukund. Swara says nothing is going well. Swara says they think I am missing something, Mukund and Jhilmil decided to separate me and Mukund. Rajo is shocked. Madhu asks Mukunda to understand his responsibility and take care of Swara. Swara says I got scared, didn’t know what to do. Rajo calms her down. Jhilmil asks Mukund to change, he is going to become a dad. Madgu says I will talk to swara also. Mukund says don’t worry. Jhilmil says there is a lot of work, we will accept the child well. She says that it will be a grandson for me. Swara asks how long will I hide this truth, sorry, I made you promise that you will help me, don’t break that promise, don’t leave me alone. Rajo thinks I know how to fight but Swara is innocent how will she fight them alone. Swara says I can’t fight alone, I really need your help, please don’t back down for me, help me. Madhu asks what kind of help do you want from her. Swara says I am pregnant so I asked her help to cheer me up, I am feeling tensed. Mukund gets angry.

Madhu asks him to behave well. Mukund says sorry, I know you need rest in this condition, I am with you, tell me your sadness, I will end it. Rajo thinks we are all stupid, we didn’t see what she was going through. Mukund asks swara why she is tensed. Rajo says no, we just shared joy and sorrow, we are friends. Jhilmil says we are with you, I have called big doctor for checkup tomorrow, everything will be fine. Mukund says yes. Rajo hugs Swara. She asks swara to go to sleep. Arjun comes to Rajo. She leaves and closes the door. He puts his hand between the door and gets injured. He says, I thought you would shout and curse at me. She comes out and holds his hand to save him from falling. Both have a lock.

Hamari adhuri kahani… is playing.. She says you crushed my dreams, you think everything will be fine. He holds her close. He says please try to understand, I didn’t cheat you, I did a mistake but I was drunk, I am very ashamed of it. She says such cases happen in life, one gets saved but doesn’t survive, this case is like this for me, you took my life and left me alive, I was so stupid, Niharika was much more than a friend to you, you don’t deny it now, you always trusted her more than me. Arjun asks her to understand. He says I don’t want to make you stop, I can’t let you go, I realized I can’t live without you. Rajo says you won’t get another chance now. He says please listen to me. She says how many times, you easily ruined our relationship, there is nothing to save, you are the reason I am here, the relationship was one sided. She says you didn’t support me when I needed you, whatever happened today, it’s over, we’ll end it, don’t keep the burden on your heart, even I won’t, I never loved you, I loved a person, for who you pretended to be.
Madhu says Arjun can do no wrong. The inspector says the girl accused Arjun of wrong relationship. Kalindi says I filed a complaint. Madhu asks Arjun the truth. Arjun says I was drunk. He is arrested.

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