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Rajjo 12th February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

Episode starts with Arjun asking if it was a drama or a lie, you knew about your mom, you knew I was so worried, even then you didn’t tell me why you cheated on me. She says you wouldn’t believe me, please help me find my mom. Chirag says we checked the house, we didn’t get any evidence, it means you are falsely accusing him. Mannu kicks the havan structure. Rajo hears a sound. She asks everyone to shut up. It checks the havan structure. Pushkar says we won’t keep quiet if she wants, it’s a joke. Rajo knocks and checks. She pours water on the havan kund. Jhilmil says that she has made a bad omen again. Rajo calls Manna. Mannu tries to pronounce the sound. Rajo says Mannu is here. She asks Manna not to worry. She takes out a hammer and breaks the structure. Arjun and everyone look on. She drops the hammer. Arjun holds him. Rajo says Mannu is inside this, I have to break it. Arjun says give it to me, leave it. He breaks the wooden structure. Both pull out the carpet and unfold it. They see Manna.

Rajo hugs Manna and unties her. Everyone is in shock. Pushkar is worried. Rajo serves water to Mann. Mannu looks at Pushkar. Pratap says to Arjun, we have to call the doctor. Jhilmil asks why do you want to call doctor, they both act, look at their faces, Manna was taught by Rajo to talk this nonsense with us, they are playing a game. Mannu says Pushkar was playing a game with me, Rajo is proof and he tried to kill me many times to hide this truth, he made my accident and then threw me in crocodile lake. Rajo says he confessed this to me, I made the video. Pushkar calls them crazy. Rajo argues with Pushkar. Niharika protects him. Pushkar says I have no record. Arjun says we will check if Rajo is telling the truth. Madhu gets worried and asks Arjun not to do this. She says Mannu and Rajo cannot be trusted, I will not tolerate Pushkar’s insults in this house. Arjun says ok, Mannu is also our relative, how can we see her resentment. Chirag asks Pushkar to let Arjun do it if he is clean. Kalinda argues. Arjun asks what is the problem, the truth will come out if he is innocent. Niharika speaks of resentment and loss of faith. Chirag and Arjun check on Pushkar. Arjun says we didn’t get anything, just wallet and phone. Rajo says he stole the evidence, I will find it. Arjun says we already checked him. Kalindi asks Rajo to stop insulting her dad. Everyone is arguing. Madhu says Rajo is wrong. Chirag says no, she is not wrong, she proved her word. Arjun asks Madhu to stop the fight. Jhilmil protects Pushkar. Pushkar shouts. Rajo sees his neck and thinks how did he get that gold chain all of a sudden. She pulls on the chain. Arjun shouts at Rajo. She says don’t shout, this is mom’s truth. it shows the memory card. She says play, you will know who is telling the truth. Pushkar says they are playing a game. Rajo says you are playing a game, you left that electric wire trying to kill me, then you tried to drug me, you tried to kill me. She scolds him for cheating Mannu.

Jhilmil says amazing, Mannu had an affair with a married man, she is sweet and he is a devil, yes. Rajo says it’s easy to blame a woman, he was married, ask him why he had an affair, Mannu didn’t know he was married, otherwise she wouldn’t have even seen him, you should be ashamed of supporting your evil Bro, you you don’t understand the difference between right and wrong. Niharika says I understand why you did wrong to all of us. Mannu says forgive me, I hid a big truth from you, that I could have told you that your dad is such a disgusting man, you are my daughter, I didn’t want you to get hurt, so I hid it, but it’s fate, life put me in front of him, before I could say anything, you married Arjun, Kalindi became your Jethani, so I hid it, forgive me, I didn’t mean to hurt you. Pushkar tries to leave. Arjun says its not time to run away but to get punished. He shows the police. Pushkar says no, I will not go to jail. He asks Niharika to save him. She asks him to stop it now. She says I always worshiped you, you were my hero, you tried to kill Rajo, I am ashamed to call you dad. Jhilmil asks her not to believe Rajo. He asks Kalinda to say something. Kalindi is crying. Chirag says please go from here, our family suffered a lot because of you, you tried to kill Rajo and Manna, you should die of shame, please go. Pushkar is arrested. Jhilmil says he is innocent, do something, stop him. Rajo remembers his childhood. She says stop.

Mannu asks Rajo to start a new life. Rajo goes to Arjun. She sees Arjun and Niharika sleeping in bed. Niharika says Rajo, you are sorry, we did a big mistake, we were drunk. Arjun wakes up to find Rajo crying.

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