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Pandya Store 8th March 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhara scolding Shweta. He says we will all undergo tests and try to save Rumors. Shweta says no, you won’t do that, don’t worry about Natasha, I will buy the donor for the donor. Natasha looks. She asks why can’t you fix me. Shweta says no, I am here, I will fix you, don’t worry. She takes Natasha. Shiva calls Raavi and waits for her. Dhara says I want to talk to you before we give kidney to Natasha, we have to tell her truth, Shweta will also tell truth to Chik, we have to tell them. Suman says you are right, but it is not easy, what will children go through, think and decide. Dhara says I have decided, I will tell them the truth. Shiva goes home. Rishita hugs Dhara and thanks her. Shiva returns home. Shweta goes to her room. Krish sees Shiva and rushes to stop him. Shiva asks what happened. Krish sees Shweta leaving. He asks what you are doing here. Shiva says I came to eat. Krish says Dhara sent Raavi with food. Shiva says ok when I come here I will eat. Krish says Dhari will be unwell. Shiva says I am feeling hungry, ok I will go. The roof closes the door. Shweta hugs Natasha and cries. she says I will arrange everything, don’t worry, sleep.

She thinks it’s too bad I can’t donate my kidney to you even if I want to, I’ll do anything to make you feel good. Chiku gets few things. He says we will make mom happy. Morning comes, Dhara asks if Chiku will accept me as her mother after knowing the truth. Gautam says he will accept you as his mother but he has a right to know the truth. Krish and Prerna hear their conversation. Gautam says we have to handle him and ourselves too. Children decorate the house. They wash the floor. They go to the kitchen. Rishita wakes up and looks for Shesh. She goes out.

She steps on soapy water and falls. Dhara goes to help her. She also falls. They laugh. Gautam laughs seeing them. Dhara says come and help us. Gautam says wait, I am going. He falls. Golmaal… plays… They laugh. Dev is coming. They ask him to come and help. He falls. The children are busy kneading the floor in the kitchen. Krish comes and laughs. He says, I will show you how to walk and not fall. He goes to them and falls. They laugh.

Children hear their laughter. They try to get up. Mittu asks why are they laughing, they are children. They all hold hands and try to get up. They are smiling. Yaadon ki baraat… playing… Krish asks whose plan is this. Dhara says I don’t know. Shesh says I will go and tell them we did it. He is leaving. Mittu and Chiku also leave. Gautam asks them to show the ornaments. Shesh says we three did it together. They laugh.

Dhara says don’t come here, the floor is slippery, you three did it, right. Shweta wakes up. Chiku and Shesh ask them if they have forgiven them. Dhara says kids are very happy today, don’t know how they will react after hearing big truth. Rishita says I am also tensed. Dhara says we are all together, I don’t want any drama, we will celebrate Holi first and then tell truth to kids.

The pandis are playing in the hall and enjoying themselves. Dhara says we will celebrate Holi together after 7 years. Rishita says I will tell Natasha that I m ​​her real mom. Dhara says I will tell Chik that Shweta is his real mom.

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