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Pandya Store 7th February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhara saying you look like a small child. Chiku asks the children to come. Dhara asks what should I eat, I am not really sick, I don’t want this. Dhara says eat quickly. Children come there to steal chips. Dhara and Suman talk about Krish’s engagement. Suman suggests some idea. Dhara says no, leave it to me, I will do something. Chiku receives a packet of chips. Dhara says I promise, Rishita and Raavi will not come back today, give me some time. Children are sitting and eating chips. Suman says I will have a heart attack if they go, I will lose everything if you stop them. Dhara says this is our real victory, if our family unites, I want to keep the condition in front of you, if three brothers stay today, then you have to accept Chika like you accepted Shesh and Mitta. Children hear it. Dhara says you will love Chika as his Dadi. Shesh says you are adopted so Dhara asks Suman about it. Chick is getting sad. Suman says wow, you want to buy my love, you called my sons as your children, you keep a condition to stop them, you are selfish. Shesh and Mittu come to see Rishita and Raavi.

Shesh asks Rishita if she wants chips. He argues with her. He says you can go, don’t take dad, Dhara said we will stay here after engagement. Mittu says yes. Rishita says don’t call Dhari anything. Mittu says we will stay here forever, Suman asked Dhara to make a plan. Dhara says one accident took away my sons, it hurts me when someone in the family gets upset, you may think I am selfish but Chiku is entitled to your love, I am asking for this, I will try my best to stop my children, but whether you can love Chika or not, you have to think about it. Suman smiles. Dhara is leaving. Suman says they left me too, but they are my children, that’s the difference. Raavi says it means Suman is fine. Rishita says it means they made a plan to stop us here, we will stay here to sell this house. Chiku comes and hears their plan. Rishita says we will announce in the party that we are selling the house. Raavi says yes you are right, I am with you. Shesh asks if we should go. Chiku runs to Dhara and says Rishita and Raavi talked, they will announce in the party that they will sell the house, we will stay in their house. Dhara says no, we will stay here, thanks, you always give me some idea. She is calling someone. Rishita is angry.

Dhara comes to Rishita and gives the dress. Rishita says I don’t want. Dhara keeps it there and says this is your wish. Raavi sees the clothes on the bed. Dhara thinks I saw this outfit in Rishita’s, maybe she gave it to Raavi. She gets a dress for Raavi. Raavi says I don’t want. Dhara says you want to sell the house and take the money, but not this dress, you have problem with me, this dress is your share of the shop’s earnings. She is leaving. Krish and Prerna get ready. He smiles when he sees her. Mann atak gaya hai….plays… He compliments her. She takes their selfie. Prerna’s parents come and talk about the surprise. Prerna looks at Krish. Suman welcomes the guests. Dhara sees Rishita and Raavi wearing the dresses she had gifted. Krish and Prerna meet her parents. Prerna hugs them and asks you here… Her mom says you didn’t miss us. Krish says we will return home soon. Prerna’s parents ask where are you going. Prerna says this is our engagement today. Her mom asks what, you didn’t ask both of us. She asks Krish did you come to India for this. Krish says don’t ask me, it’s her idea, I didn’t want to get engaged, she insisted. Prerna’s father says I understand, you forgot about us when you had family. Krish says no. Prerna’s father says then come with us, we have come for you. Prerna says I can’t go. Her mother asks her to come for her. Dhara is waiting for Krish.

Shweta comes to Pandey’s house to settle scores. Krish and Prerna get engaged. Rumors will pass out. Chiku and Shesh see her.

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