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Krish and Prerna had just arrived at the Pandya Store, and everyone was in awe of the beautiful girl who had come to meet them. Prerna was nervous, as it was the first time she was meeting Krish’s family. Krish tried to reassure her, telling her that he was with her and everything would be alright.

Gautam, who had already met Prerna at the temple, was worried about what was happening. Krish then introduced Prerna to everyone, saying that he had met her in Canada, and that her family was involved in the business of selling clothes and parts and were leaders in the industry.

Rishita, Krish’s sister, was surprised at how he had become rich so suddenly. She joked that he was a B.Com failure, and yet had managed to find a girl from a rich family. Dev, who was Krish’s brother, scolded her for her behaviour and apologized to Prerna, saying that Rishita had a habit of joking. He then welcomed her to the family, but warned her that Krish had a bad track record with girls, and the last one had broken the family.

At that moment, Prerna’s father called Krish and asked him to assure his mother that they had reached safely. Suman, Krish’s mother, heard this and said that it was great that Krish had new parents in Prerna’s parents.

Shiva, who was Suman’s husband, asked what was going on, and Suman told him that Prerna was going to be the new daughter-in-law of the family. Prerna then touched Suman’s feet, saying that while her parents were her mom and dad, Suman was also her mom. Suman agreed and said that it was only because of her that Krish had come back.

Prerna then asked Suman for her blessings, and Suman gave it to her. Rishita, however, was not happy with this and asked how Suman could accept Prerna so easily, reminding her of what Shweta had done to them. Suman told her to be quiet and said that if Prerna wanted to be the bahu of the house, she would have to pass a test. Prerna agreed, and Krish asked what the test was.

Rishita and Krish got into an argument, and Krish asked her what she was going to do after Prerna passed the test. He said that he had only come for a few days and asked why she cared about what they were doing. Prerna held his hand, and he asked her if she was happy to meet them.

Dhara, who was Gautam’s wife, asked Krish to eat something, and he reminded her that he had completed his B.Com and was now a successful businessman. He then left with Prerna, and Suman said that the marriage hadn’t happened and that they would have to live in a hotel.

Dhara asked Rishita why she had insulted Krish, and Rishita reminded her that Krish had already ruined the family, and that it was because of him that Chatki had died. Raavi also blamed Dhara, saying that it was because of her that Shiva was in such a bad condition.

Dhara said that she knew she had done wrong, but said that Krish was also wrong. She said that she had lost her children and was in pain every day, and that she had seen the sadness in Suman’s eyes.

At that moment, Chiku showed the children a photo, and Shiva saw it. He remembered the past and screamed, asking them to leave Chika alone. Everyone heard him screaming, and he started breaking things.

The next day, Ravi told Shiva to come with him and Suman asked why they hadn’t taken Krish home if he was so bad. Raavi said that they had been living like this for seven years, and that this was their life. Everyone was in tears.

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