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Pandya Store 16th March 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhara asking Raavi not to worry, nothing will happen to Shiva. Raavi asks her to save Shiva. Everyone is worried. Suman says nothing will happen to him, he is a tiger. Krish says I will arrange his treatment, I will not allow anything. Rishita says Prerna is not responding. Dhara asks Rishita and Dev to go home and take care of Shweta. Dev says I don’t know how Natasha will react. Suman says this day was bound to come sometime. The children see Prerna coming and hide from her. Dhara asks Rishita to do it, just she can do it, give love to Chutka and explain to her. Gautam says before Shweta wakes up and fills Natasha’s heart with poison, you will fill her heart with love. Rishita nods. Natasha says that we will go to a five-star hotel. She says that I always stay in a five-star hotel. Shesh mocks her. Mittu says I am feeling hungry. Shesh says I am hungry since morning. They see a pastry shop and go there. The woman sees the children walking alone. She says I can feed you food, come with me and eat pizza, hamburger and sandwiches. Chiku refuses. She catches him. He says leave me. Rishita says I hope it happens as you say. Dev says yes. Dhara asks Suman to go with them. Suman says I will take Shiva home. Dev and Rishita leave. The woman insists that the children go with her. Dev and Rishita come there. Scooty stops. The developer is checking it. Dev doesn’t see them. He leaves. Chiku and Shesh shout. The woman asks Natasha to go with her. She tries to take them away. Chiku and Shesh bite the lady’s hand.

Mittu hits her with stones. They run away. She says I will not leave you so easily. Prerna is looking for them. Shweta is also nearby. Prerna sees her. She runs into the house. Shweta comes there. Prerna covers her face and acts.
She asks have you seen children. Shweta asks who. Prerna says those who stay here. She asks about the children. Shweta laughs and jokes. She tries to see Prerna’s face. Prerna hides her face. Shweta says I didn’t see them, this poor house can’t be mine. She is leaving. Prerna calls the children. Dev and Rishita come. Prerna says there are no children here. They worry. Prerna says Shweta is insane, there are no children with her. Dev asks where are the kids. The children run to the confectionery. They eat pastries. The man asks for UAH 500. Natasha is joking. She says sorry uncle I am rich but I don’t have cash mom get my cheques. The woman follows the children. Chiku says uncle asked for money, give them. Natasha says you are so stupid, check is paper, it is deposited in bank to get money. Shesh says but Shweta is not your mother. Natasha says, but she used to be my mother. The man says call mom, how will you pay now. They say we don’t have our mother. Chiku says my mom taught me that we should not eat anything for free. He pays money. The man says that children are smart. He checks the bill and says it is fake money. Chiku says this is real for us, we are playing with him. A man asks for money. Six jokes. They run away.

Dhara gets Rishita’s call. She asks why are you crying. Rishita says all four children are missing, Shweta didn’t take them, where should they go. Dev asks Dhara not to worry. The woman comes to the children again. Dhara says the children still haven’t returned home. Raavi cries for Mitta. Dhara says Shweta has no children. Gautam asks where should they go. The children run away from the lady. She goes ahead of them to catch them. Dev, Rishita and Prerna look for them.

Children miss their mother. Shweta says I will take you to your real mom. Dhara says Shweta, this time I will give you a clear answer.

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