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Pandya Store 16th February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The episode starts with Dev asking Rishita to come. Chiku asks Dhara to take him outside, the room is hot. Dev and Rishita make the bed in the hall. Shesh says I m hungry, I cant sleep. Dev asks him to sleep. Raavi and Shiva also come with Mittu and make their bed in the hall. Dhara and Gautam also come and make the bed. Chiku helps them. Dhara thinks we are under the same roof but not together. She asks Chika to get Gautam. Suman and Rumors also come out. Rumor has it that he sleeps on a swing. Suman looks at his family. She is sleeping. The children get up and go to the kitchen to eat. Shveta enters the house from the kitchen window. He says he doesn’t know where Natasha sleeps. Dhara sees the kids going to the kitchen and thinks that Chiku will feed them food. Rishita thinks Shesh has gone to eat. Raavi thinks that his good Mittu will eat. Children enter the kitchen. Shweta is hiding. Children are looking for food. They see Shweta and shout. Shweta asks them to shut up.

She says I will bring you ice cream, I promise, but you have to do my little job, I am Natasha’s mom. Shesh says we know it. Mittu asks are you hungry, what are you doing here. Chiku asks why didn’t you go through the gate. Shweta says I came to surprise Natasha, what is your name, who are your parents. Shesh says I m Shesh son of Dev and Rishita. Mittu says I am Mittu son of Shiva and Raavi. Chiku says I am Chiku, son of Dhara and Gautam. Shweta is shocked and mentions Chika. She is crying. Shesh says take Natasha, she hurt me before I took revenge, take her. Shweta asks, she beat you, I will scold her, just bring her here, I will ask her to apologize. Shesh says she always makes noise. She says yes, tell me where she is, I will follow her. Mittu says you have to bring ice cream for us. She says ok take me now. She goes out and sees that everyone is sleeping in the hall.

She hides from them. She takes Natasha with her. She asks her to jump out the window. The paper falls. Rumor has it that it’s mine. She takes the papers. Shweta says let’s go with me. Chiku says wait, you lied, where are you running. Shweta says I will go for ice cream. Chiku says you can run, we will go with you. The plates fall down. Everyone wakes up. Shweta says to give this note to her mom.

Everyone enters the kitchen and sees an open window. Suman asks what is happening. Gautam asks what. Suman asks where is Natasha. Dhara says she is not here. Chiku says nothing happened. Children lie. Suman asks did you get Natasha. Gautam is drunk. Suman asks him to go to sleep. Shesh says she was not with us. Rishita says we will go and see. Chiku says I will tell them. Rishita calls Natasha. Shweta is hiding with Chutka. Rishita does not see her. Everyone is looking for Natasha. Shiva says she is nowhere. Rishita sees the man sleeping and apologizes. She walks away and looks the other way. Rishita says she is nowhere. She asks Shesh to tell where Natasha is. Suman asks that he knows how the girl can disappear if her mom comes and asks what will we say. Dhara says yes, she was our responsibility, we have to inform police. Children are worried.

Shweta says I will take revenge, 50 lakhs and Chutki too. Rishita asks if Shweta will return Chutki to me. Dhara says one side is Chutki and other is my kids.

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