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Pandya Store 15th February 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The episode starts with Chutki saying it’s bad and throws the album. She runs away to Suman’s room. Shesh keeps the album. Suman applauds Chutki’s game and asks her for waffles and drinks. She says show me the next scene. Rumor has it, sorry, I don’t work for free. Suman says I will give you chocolate, waffle, whatever you want. Rumors are valid. Suman laughs and hugs her. She thinks Chutki would be just like her. She gives chocolates to hr.

Dhara serves food. Rishita scolds her. She asks Shesh to go play. Raavi asks Mittu to come out. Rishita drops the food. Dhara asks are you not angry, food is for kids, they are hungry. Rishita says we will take care of our children. Suman and Chutki hear them arguing. Dhara says please think what to do next, Krish’s phone is switched off. Rishita argues. Dhara gets angry and scolds her. Rishita says Chutki is nobody for you. Dev comes and looks. Raavi says we have only one chance to save Chutki, if Krish doesn’t answer it doesn’t mean we will wait. Dev asks how will we get the money. Raavi says buyer has come for engagement, we will call him, sell the house and free Rumours. Rishita says right, I have a number. Shiva recalls how Shweta kidnapped Chutki. He asks where is Chutka, where is Shveta, did you find her. Ravi says everything is fine, don’t worry. He says he just heard about Rumors, tell me. Raavi asks Dev to take Shiva inside. Rumors scare. Suman hugs her. Dhara says I called that man so that you don’t leave the house. Rishita gets angry and says I hate you. Raavi also scolds Dhara. Shiva throws things and asks what are you hiding. Dev says everything is fine. Shiva asks why they are fighting with Dhara. The developer says everything is fine. Shiva says you won’t tell me. Dev says don’t worry, everything is fine. Shiva says swear by Dhara you are lying to me. Raavi comes. He asks what is happening here, why did you fight with Dhara, where is Chutki. Raavi asks Dev to catch Shiva. She gives medicine to Shiva. Shiva falls asleep. Dev says I will handle Rishita. He is leaving.

Rishita distributes pamphlets to people and says Pandya’s house is for sale. Dhara gets upset seeing Dev, Rishita and Raavi distributing pamphlets. Suman feeds Rumours. Dhara asks Chutki to sleep in her room. Chutki says I don’t share my room with anyone, only mom. Dhara says but your mom is not here today. Suman says I am your friend, come with me, sleep in my room, we will have fun. Rumors go with her. Rishita sits and cries. Dhara remembers Shweta’s words. She is crying. Gautam taunts her. He says my house is in this condition because of you. Shesh asks what happened to mom, I am feeling hungry, I will go. Rishita asks her to sleep. He asks how will I sleep, you have been crying for a long time. Dev asks him to come to him. He makes Shesh sleep. Rishita is also lying on Dev’s lap. Gautam says stop crying and talk to Krish, I don’t know if he will be willing to give money or not. Suman snores. Rumors are so loud. She gets up. Suman wakes up and asks what happened. Chutki says you are snoring so loudly. Suman asks her to sleep. Shweta comes to the house for Chutki.

Shweta sneaks into the house. She says that I am Natasha’s mother. Shweta takes Chutki with her. Everyone wakes up and sees children.

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