On January 24, 2023, Maaya surprises Anuj and Anupama.

Shah and Kapadia were dancing to the Nacho Nacho song and Kavya was frowning as she danced with Mohit, Vanraj, and Leela. Then, they all flew kites. Maya was the one to cut everyone’s kites and she and Anupama/Anuj started their kite fight. They were eagerly trying to save their kite and urged them to keep their kites small. Even Maya flew their kites. Little Anu was feeling depressed. Anupama noticed the names Maya and Chhota Anu on the kite and was surprised as to who had done it first. Anuj lifted his spirits and Maya was happy to see that. She ran and hugged her.

Anuj and Anupama were shocked to see the work of Chhota Anu and when they approached Maya, she introduced young Anu as her best friend. As Anu’s parents, Anupama and Anuj introduced themselves and Maya insisted that she was confident that Anu would have told them about her. Anuj said there was still a lot to learn and to take their kite, small Anu ran. Maya admitted that she is the biological mother of Chhota Anu and Anupama and Anuj were in disbelief after hearing this.

Maya claimed that she came to get her daughter back at any cost and she came to see them today and will come back at any cost to get her daughter back. Anuj wished them Jai Sri Krishna and asked Anu to fly his kite instead of Anuj or Anupama as it will last for a long time. Young Anu requested him to come to her house and Maya promised to come back soon and left. Anupama and Anuj were tensed.

Leela and Vanraj heard their discussion and little Anu sent her greetings and informed them that Maya has promised to stop at their house. Anupama remembered Leela’s curse and Leela asked Vanaraj about Maya’s authority to kidnap little Anu. Anuj will look into Maya’s family history as Anuj and Anupama cannot live without little Anu, according to Vanraj. Leela believed that Anupama is affected by her curse, and she will now understand what family problems are like. Little Anu informed Anuj and Anupama that Maya has agreed to go to their house soon.

Vanraj took Kavya home in the car and Kavya claimed that she should have hired a taxi as her skin and hair were damaged. Vanraj said that an auto costs Rs 200 and a cab costs Rs 800. Kavya asked about his performance and Vanraj said that he does not like to see his wife sharing her perfume with everyone or wearing skimpy dresses. He said that he has gotten over his poor mentality because he is a man.

Little Anu told Anuj and Anupama that Maya told her that she is coming to the camp to take care of her as she loves Maya a lot. Anupama asked what else Maya knows and little Anu said that Maya calls her Chini, wears an angel bracelet, speaks less but is very sweet, and has a good fashion sense. Anuj was tensed while sitting and Maya said that she understands how difficult it is for Anuj and Anupama to deal with but she cannot let anyone else take away her rights.

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