Who Is Sean Petrie Why Did He Kill Shakeel Ashraf in GTA, Canada

The murder of 38-year-old Shakeel Ashraf in Mississauga has outraged Canadian Muslims. On Wednesday, family and friends said their final goodbyes to Ashraf, the dad of two children. Sean Petrie, 40, was recognized as Ashraf’s murderer and was subsequently slain in a police confrontation.

Who Is Sean Petrie?

As per sources, Petrie visited Ashraf’s Milton shop soon before 3 p.m. on Monday and shot dead Ashraf. The pistol assault also gravely wounded two other people. They are being cared for at a nearby hospital.

Petrie had temporarily employed at Ashraf’s business, as per Ashraf’s pals.

He was not acquainted with him. He used to operate the business around a year ago. He was only there for a brief duration,” Hanif said. He just can’t think of a reason, certainly for someone like Shakeel. He went back to the community, he volunteered for charity, he was a diamond,” Arsalan Hanif, a good associate of Ashraf, as per news.

When Petrie came to the business on Monday afternoon, Asraf had gone for lunchtime. When the culprit began firing, he was waiting for the victim to appear at the business.

Mississauga Shooting Who Is Sean Petrie

Petrie also murdered a high-ranking officer, Const. Andrew Hong, in Mississauga before murdering Ashraf.

Shakeel Ashraf’s Murder Reason

Ashraf’s funeral was held on Wednesday, with his two children, ages 11 and 12, in attendance. Community officials in the GTA claimed Ashraf’s death had startled everybody.

Individuals who knew Ashraf claimed he was a caring person who was the victim of this senseless homicide.

Petrie went to a Tim Hortons coffee shop before killing Ashraf, where Const. Hong was apparently having his lunch after a tough training session with many other motorcycle cops. Petrie murdered him in an ‘unprovoked’ and ‘ambush-style attack,’ then fled the scene in a stolen car.

The authorities have not revealed the reason for Ashraf’s death.

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