Why Was Miami Dr John Sampson Fined 20,000

Dr. John Sampson of Florida has been punished and barred from conducting any disputed Brazilian Butt surgery after one of his deaths occurred following a BBL treatment. Many news organizations hurried to the doctor after hearing that he had been banned, and it was revealed that although John had been suspended, he still had his medical license and would continue practicing, but he would no longer be able to conduct the BBL procedure. The global trend of operations is a risky process, and BBL is one of the riskiest stages in them. Please tell us more about the situation of John and his deceased patient.

According to numerous reports, John did surgery on one of his clientele. She was just 33 when he did surgery on her, and she died as a result. On the 16th of June 2021, John pierced the client’s liver and intestine while undergoing BBL surgery, and the person died as a result. The technique was not effective after John did the surgery because he filled the fat, which reacted negatively with the patient’s body. While the treatment itself was not worthy, it only cost 3.5 thousand dollars. The BBL costs $3.5k per client at Surgery, where John works, and a surgeon called Coral Gables was previously barred from working there for a similar error.

Why Was Miami Dr. John Sampson Fined 20,000 & Banned From Performing The BBL Surgery

John, a certified doctor of seduction, claims that he was not permitted to perform surgery, and one complaint filed against him makes this obvious. It was also determined that, despite the fact that John was not permitted to conduct surgery, he did so between April and June of 2021, and he also performed seven procedures on the day his person died following the surgery. Because of the numerous injuries and deaths, the Florida Board of Medicine decided that each BBL operation should only be performed three times each day. While many individuals have this operation, it is a life-threatening procedure that can endanger one’s life.

In terms of John, he tagged several ladies on his Instagram account and all of his patients as his dolls. The website makes advantage of John’s Instagram post to highlight various BBL surgery savings. While doing surgery, John punctured the patient’s liver and transferred fat from her belly into her glutes. The technique proved risky, and the woman died the next night; also, these types of procedures have been prohibited in Florida since 2019. Aside from being barred from doing operations, John was also fined 20,000 dollars and charged $5,626 for investigative fees. He was also required to complete five hours of ongoing medical training.

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