A name is trending on the web and gained huge attention from people. Yes, we are talking about Loona members Yves said sorry for the use of a controversial cartoon on her profile picture on the fan-artist platform FAB. The idol used a photo of Ko Eunae, a cartoon role who was considered troublesome. It had a view similar to xenophobe and insulting caricature of African-Americans. This news is getting the attention of the people. People are talking about the news and making questions regarding the viral news. Let’s collect some more information to continue the article.

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As per the report, A 25-year-old idol said that she was unaware of the cartoon being insulting to unquestionable fans and used it because it was one of Korea’s most popular cartoons. She said sorry for her activity. She also said that she will be a responsible citizen and will not repeat it again in the future. She has accepted her mistake and promised to not repeat it again.

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On July 28, Loona’s member Yves liaise with the fan on the app of Fab, she mentioned the allergic reaction. She shared a photo of her swollen lips and explained that eating spicy food made her lips swell too much. When she shared the pictures, after that she changed her profile picture to a cartoon. while at first glance, it might look hurtful, worldwide fans soon felt that the picture of the cartoon was very insulting and tricky to the public or the community. The picture, which was her profile photo of her was a role called Ko Eunae, which belongs to the 90s cartoon Run Hani.

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So this character, although a Korean role, had a big month, huge lips, and hair in a curly style. According to the other people, Ko appeared anti-black. Several said that it was a chauvinism that was often used to dehumanize the black community. Yves took action frequently. She deleted the photo from the profile and texted an apology on the FAB app in just 30 minutes, according to a fan. However, it split certain as a few explained that the cartoon was based on a Korean Ahjumma who used to be dressed up inaccurate or exact outfits, had hair with curly style and makeup with bright lipstick. Several people fans and non-fans alike, are known as racist too for being unable to understand the deep-rooted meaning behind it. Stay tuned for more updates.

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