Whatever be the game, every player has been given some nickname by his fans. Similarly, football is also liked by many people. And every best player has a nickname. Like Roberto Baggio – The Divine Ponytail, Sir Stanley Matthews? The Wizard of Dribble, Andoni Goikoetxea – The Butcher of Bilbao, Sergio Aguero – Kun, Javier Hernandez? Chicharito, Fernando Torres – El Nino, William Ralph Dean ? Dixie Dean. And Cristiano Ronaldo is known as ‘El Bicho’ in Spain. All these players have also been given nicknames by their fans.

So how could Lionel Messi be behind? As all football lovers know, Lionel Messi is one of the well-known football players. His skills take many players by surprise.

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Some of the Argentines call him ‘The GOAT’ and some ‘The Flea’. Messi especially comes high in the list of great players to occupy the pitch. And they’ve got a strange name, ‘La Pulga’. But maybe many people do not know the meaning of this name, and why have they been given this name? GOAL takes a look. That is why we are going to tell you the meaning of his name.


Who gave Lionel Messi the name ‘La Pulga’? & what does it mean?

One of the most famous names for Lionel Messi is ‘La Pulga’. It means ‘the flea’ in a dream. When he was young, he was called by that name ever since. And it is also said that his brothers called him ‘La Pulgita’ and from that day he came to be known as ‘La Pulga’.

The Spanish media calls him ‘La Pulga Atomica’ (the atomic flea). he always had the amazing skills to take on defenders.

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Messi’s upper body strength helps him to compete physically with the opponent. And his fast footwork helps him a lot in dribbling. Due to his body height, he has a low center of gravity which helps him a lot to keep his balance. Due to this he is able to do dribbling or sprinting quite easily.

Do any other nicknames Messi have?

Messi has a nickname, some of which we have discussed above. Many people also call him by the name of Leo. Which is short for his first name. which is mostly done by football figures, teammates, and pundits

It is also believed that Messi may have been called after singer Lionel Richie, who has delivered some immortal tracks like “Hello” and Truly”. His lovers also refer to him as the “Messiah”, as he has saved many Barcelona and Argentina teams at their hour of need.

Happy birthday, Lionel Messi

The world’s greatest footballer turns 32 today, and we’re celebrating by looking back at some of his most magical moments on the pitch.

From his debut as a fresh-faced 17-year-old to his recent record-breaking exploits, Messi has thrilled fans around the globe with his unrivalled skills and goalscoring prowess. Here are just a few of our favorite moments…

Making his first team debut against Albacete in October 2004, aged just 17 years old.

In May 2005, scoring Barcelona’s last ever goal at their historic home ground Camp Nou before it was demolished to make way for the new stadium.

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