Laitumkhrah Market Fire Massive Fire Breaks Out In Shillong

We are writing to inform you of some major and startling news: a gigantic fire has erupted in the heart of Shillong city. Shillong is the state capital of Meghalaya. This unfortunate occurrence occurred in the early morning hours of Friday. This report has just surfaced on the web and has gone popular on social networking sites.

This is stunning news, and several individuals are stunned by the abrupt occurrence. Many individuals are currently interested in learning about current events. We have more details regarding the news that we will discuss with you in this post, so let’s get started.

In accordance with the source, a big fire broke out in the early hours of Friday in lew Laitumkhrah. And this horrible occurrence the video became viral on social networking sites, gaining a lot of attention. Several individuals are currently interested in learning more about the occurrence and the source of the fire.

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However, according to the source, no deaths were recorded and there was no reason for the fire. If we receive any further details, we will provide you with the complete picture. More facts about news may be found by scrolling down the page.

According to what we gather, it is considered to be the result of a short circuit in the market’s electoral link. The roaring fire has been extinguished by fire and emergency personnel. According to the source, on Monday, October 24, 2022, a fire broke out in the 11-mile-long Ribhoi district of Meghalaya, near the Assam-Meghalaya border.

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Following the incident, two Assam firefighter crews reacted quickly and got the fire under control after roughly an hour of effort. You’ve come to the correct place to obtain the latest news, and we’ll share it with you in this post, so kindly read the whole thing.

According to authorities, several individuals are now curious about casualties, although there have been no reports of any casualties, and this enormous fire break has destroyed houses worth several lakhs.

As per local authorities, a substantial amount of material kept within the facility was burnt to ash. At the same time, factory employees worked tirelessly to harvest raw rubber from the plant. We have supplied all of the facts that we have. For more information, visit

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