The episode starts with Prithvi remembering how Arjun always humiliated him. Sherlyn appears and embraces him. He inquires as to what transpired. She assures him that he will not lose today. He assures her that he will win today. He claims that no one can prevent him now. After some time, Anjali informs Arjun that she has reviewed the clips. Arjun informs her that Rishabh does not deserve to be referred to as her brother. He declares that he will damage Rishabh’s fame today. He mentions a Pendrive.

He claims that after the celebration is done, Rishabh would be unable to see anyone. She informs him that if he wishes, they may abandon the idea. He inquires whether she becomes insane. He states that he will not reconsider his choice. She gives him a nod. Sherlyn overhears their discussion. She informs Prithvi that Arjun wishes to destabilize Luthras. She tells him about Arjun’s scheme. He informs her that he desires the Pendrive.

Rishabh accidentally smacks his hand on the post. Arjun notices this. He informs him that the latter is acting like Preeta. Rishabh informs him that he saw the phone. When Karan got upset, he used to hit the wall, according to him. Arjun informs him that when pounding the wall, Karan’s heart would have hurt more than his hand. Rishabh questions him on how he understands so much about Karan. Arjun explains that he is similar to Karan.

He inquires as to why the latter was unable to comprehend Karan’s anguish. Rishabh chastises him. Arjun inquires as to why the latter’s feelings for Karan have shifted. Rishabh becomes enraged and cautions him not to inquire in this manner again.

He declares that he will not accept everything only because Arjun is a decent person. He informs him that he overlooks a lot of things because they remind him of Karan. He asks him not to bring up Karan. He says Karan is his life and then departs. Sameer overhears their discussion.

Rakhi tells Preeta that she knows she can’t possibly go wrong. She inquires as to why the latter dislikes Arjun. She compares Arjun to her son. She claims that she does not understand why Preeta despises Arjun. Preeta assures her that she understands her emotions.

Rakhi informs her that she believes the latter is obsessed with Arjun. She claims that her heart tells her that Arjun is a decent guy. Preeta informs her that the latter has a huge heart. Arjun inquires Rakhi as to what is upsetting her. He deduces the problem. He requests Preeta not to speak ill of him to Rakhi and then departs. Sameer notices this and follows Arjun.

Arjun’s pen drive is stolen by Sherlyn and Prithvi. Srishti inserts the cooperation Pendrive. Sameer instructs Arjun not to speak to Rishabh in this manner. Arjun claims that Sameer was out drinking when Karan died. Sameer begins to weep.

He holds himself responsible for Karan’s death. Arjun embraces him. Rishabh’s office personnel alerts him about Arjun. Rishabh assures him that he has faith in Arjun. Preeta overhears their discussion. She is perplexed as to why Rishabh has so much faith in Arjun.

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