Kumkum bhagya written update

Dida questions the police at the beginning of the episode as to why they contacted them for an investigation if they do not wish to interrogate them. Constable claims that since Madam doesn’t have any doubts about you two, she called you both to inquire initially. Dida queries why they contacted if they are aware of their innocence. The police officer claims that it is their responsibility. They are questioned by Inspector Yamini about any questionable activity. Everyone is their guest, Dida claims. Prachi is supposedly your favorite, according to Yamini.

I might lie to get saved, Dida claims; you’ll have to ask her. You must adore Prachi, as Yamini claims. Dida claims to adore her dearly. Prachi, in Vikram’s opinion, is his daughter. Yamini reveals that the same places Prachi receive so much affection are also the places where she gets attacked. To catch the offender by reading everyone’s eyes, she orders everyone to keep their knowledge of her inquiries to themselves lest they arrive prepared with replies. They concur. She requests that Sid be brought inside. In agreement, they adjourn the area.

Constable queries Yamini about her source of uncertainty. As of right now, Yamini claims she has no reason to suspect anyone, so let’s make a decision after seeing everyone. Ranbir expresses regret to Prachi for yelling at her. If it comes from his heart, Prachi queries. Of course, do you require written proof, replies Ranbir. Yes, Prachi answers. Ranbir promises to document her carelessness and irresponsibility in writing. According to Prachi, she is not crazy to read his rubbish. She’s about to walk out. She is cautioned by Ranbir. Prachi pauses. Ranbir adjourns the space. According to Prachi, he is unsure of how to apologize.

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The phone call makes Aryan unhappy. Shahana observes it and inquires as to the reason for his disappointment following the phone conversation. As you will judge me, I’m not allowed to tell you what Aryan claims concerning Mili. He has Shahana’s word that she won’t. Aryan promises to inform her another day and then departs.

Sid is questioned by Yamini as to why he is uptight while she didn’t even question him. Sid claims he is not tense and that Prachi may speak to him to find out how much he loves her. Police think Sid appears innocent. Yamini queries whether anybody despises Prachi. Sid says yes and thinks about Rhea. If they ever argue with one another, Yamini inquires. Sid affirms. What sort of conflict, inquires Yamini. Sid remembers Alia’s advice. She is misunderstood, he says; they are sisters and care for one another. Rhea and Alia should be sent inside, Yamini requests. He departs. Sid may be keeping something from them, according to Yamini.

If Sid didn’t come out, Aryan inquires when he descends the stairs. They refute. Aryan queries their prolonged conversation. Pallavi replies that it’s an overall investigation and inquires as to his uneasy demeanor. Selon Aryan, he doesn’t. Shahana reflects on what transpired to him. Dida queries Shahana about her thoughts. Shahana doesn’t say anything, and everyone is silently pondering something. Questions will be common, according to Vikram. What did they query, Aryan wonders? They really would like to learn who is and is not closer to Prachi, according to Vikram. Rhea and Alia can hear it. Rhea poses the query she posed.

Dida points out Yamini’s desire for him. Sid emerges. He is questioned by Shahana, who queries their motives. Dida interrupts Sid as he is about to speak. Rhea and Alia are asked to enter by Sid. Dida commands them to go.

Alia and Rhea walk into the space. When Yamini questions them outside, she begs them not to talk about it. Because you don’t want other people to plan their responses, Rhea argues. Alia makes her aware. Yamini claims Dida could let you know. Who among them loves Prachi more, she inquires. Rhea claims to adore Prachi. They all treat one another as family, according to Alia.

Yamini queries the nature of their bond. Yamini is informed by Alia that Prachi believes Rhea to be her favorite, although I genuinely adore both of them. Yamini claims that she is aware of your deep love for Prachi. Yamini inquires as to Prachi’s birthdate. They appear tense. Yamini apologizes, noting that since they are twins, their birthdays are the same. She requests that they go. They go away. Inspector claims to have some reservations. The policeman queries the residents of Rhea and Alia. Yamini beams.

Alia make fun of Prachi. She is reprimanded by Dida and Shahana, who back Prachi. The inspector appears downstairs and claims to have interrogated everyone. Prachi, according to Rhea, was not questioned. Ranbir and Prachi, according to Yamini, are not on her list. She requests that Alia hand her the phone. The policeman snatches her phone. When Yamini asks Alia why she messaged Tailor to say that the work is finished, Alia answers her phone. According to Alia, he created the dupatta. Yamini requests that she phone him. He could be asleep, replies Alia. He will awaken with her call, according to Yamini. Calling Tailor, Yamini requests that he visit Kohli’s home. He concurs. Until the tailor shows up, Yamini requests that they fetch her some tea. Rhea becomes anxious.

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