Kumkum bhagya written update

Ranbir begins the episode by showcasing Prachi Mehendi’s design and inviting her to put it on. Prachi thinks it’s terrible and leaves. Pallavi takes Prachi to Mehendi artist Nandini. Nandini inquires Prachi whether she has a design in mind. Prachi shows her the design that Ranbir recommended. It is noticed by Aryan. He returns to Ranbir and tells him that Prachi has chosen the design he proposed. Ranbir is overjoyed.

The nurse requests that Madhurima sign the paperwork and reminds her that pregnancy tests are mailed to the patient’s addresses. Madhurima signs the paperwork, which contains Rhea’s name. She confronts the nurse about it. The nurse says Rhea’s report is part of today’s delivery, and she is not pregnant, based on the sources. Madhurima is stunned and flees.

Shahana falls into the sea and collides with Rhea. She expresses regret to Rhea. Rhea says you’re used to it, so why are you saying sorry? Shahana states that she does not wish to dispute with her. Some visitor brings Rhea with them. Shahana hears somebody’s phone ring. She recognizes the call as coming from Doctor Madhurima. She knows the phone as Rhea’s and answers it. Madhurima replies, “Thank God you answered the phone. My nurse made a mistake by sending the report by courier, so control it and don’t allow anyone to see it.”

She says hi, but Shahana cuts her call. Shahana considers what truth they are concealing in the pregnancy report. Dida and Wendy compliment Prachi on her Mehendi design. They applaud the Mehendi artist. Prachi claims she did not choose it. Wendy inquires as to who makes the decision. Prachi is admired by Ranbir. Vikram informs Ranbir that he and Prachi are acting happy. Ranbir praises him for pointing out that Prachi is appearing joyful.

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Ranbir approaches Sid and informs him that Prachi is depressed. Then he walks around to everybody and inspects Mehendi. He informs Prachi that her design is inadequate. Prachi said you may forget it, but you choose it. Ranbir advises you to stick to your decision. Prachi says she’ll do anything she wants. Ranbir departs. Shahana rushes to tell Prachi about the report. Wendy and Dida request that she not bother Prachi in the middle. Shahana takes a seat beside Pallavi. Rhea notices Ranbir in her path and purposefully stumbles.

She then informs Ranbir that she is unable to stand. Ranbir assists her and leads her to the room. Prachi grins as she thinks of Ranbir. Dida inquires as to whether she is thinking about Ranbir. Pallavi claims that thinking about him is harmful. Prachi claims that she isn’t thinking about him. Wendy and Dida leave with a sore backs. Pallavi greeted Mrs. Khanna and introduced her to Prachi. Shahana is waiting for Chance to notify Prachi.

Wendy rebuffs Alia’s attempt to taunt her. Alia walks away, threatening her. Wendy expresses her desire to frighten Alia to Dida. Prachi appreciates the Mehendi Artist. Shahana pulls Prachi aside and informs her of Madhurima’s phone call. She claims she has no idea what is in the report. Prachi admits the truth, and when that report is released, Rhea’s pregnancy will be revealed in front of everyone. Alia notices them.

Ranbir forces Rhea to sit in bed. Ranbir looks for spray. He obtains it and then sprays it on her leg. Rhea is relieved that her idea is succeeding. She tells Ranbir that she is thrilled when he cares for her and that she is about to become the mother of his child. Ranbir requests that she not make him feel uncomfortable. Alia shows up. Ranbir departs, telling Alia to look after Rhea. Alia claims they have an issue. Rhea wonders what it is. Alia notices the spray and inquires whether she is in discomfort.

Rhea claims it’s all theatrics to gain Ranbir’s focus, so what’s the issue? Alia said your pregnancy report is on its way, and I overheard Shahana and Prachi talking, so phone Doctor Madhurima. Rhea contacts Madhurima and inquires if any reports are on their way home. Madhurima replies yes, and I told you before the call that it was given to you by mistake, so make sure that report doesn’t get mixed up with the fact that you’re not pregnant. Rhea informs Alia that they are in serious trouble.

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