Kshama Bindu Marriage Photos

One such news that surprised everyone was when Kshama Bindu, a resident of Gujarat, announced that she is going to do India’s first Sologamy Marriage. This thing was very surprising for everyone. Some felt that this is not true, it is just a way of gaining popularity. But 24-year-old Kshama Bindu has married herself with complete rituals. She performed all the seasons like Haldi and Mehdi and 7 pheras. Kshama Bindu has shared photos of all her functions on her Instagram, which you can see well below.
Kshama Bindu had said that she will do India’s first Sologamy Marriage in the temple on 11th JuneSologamy Marriage. However, in response to criticism on social media, they decided to hold their wedding ahead of time. The wedding is done with all the rituals like Mehdi and Haldi. As we have been told that this is India’s first Sologamy Marriage. After all the wedding rituals, she has given a thank you video message to all the people on Facebook. And appreciate the support she got.

Kshama Bindu Sologamy Marriage

Kshama Bindu said, “I want to thank all the people who congratulated me and gave me the strength to fight for what I believed in.”

Many people expressed displeasure with Kshama Bindu’s decision to marry herself, some leaders opposed the act. And some even said that marrying yourself is against the Hindu religion, and others called it foolish thinking.

Sologamy Marriage Kshama Bindu

The point is that she got the idea of ​​Sologamy Marriage from the Canadian Netflix series ‘Anne with an E,’ and sees it as a form of self-dedication. When Kshama Bindu decided to marry herself. Then she said. “I didn’t want to get married but I wanted to be a bride. That’s why I thought of marrying myself. Maybe I’m the first in India who thought to do this. A girl/guy marries the one he/she loves.” And I love myself that’s why I made this decision.”

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