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Kimmikka Twitch users were outraged when a streamer was banned for one week after broadcasting an extremely NSFW stream. Twitch, one of the nation’s biggest platforms, allows almost anybody to broadcast their tasks to the global web, as long as they have not yet been blacklisted from it. They every so often perform tasks such as playing games, watching videos, hosting intricate performances or simply live-streaming their everyday lives. It’s a very powerful service, and there have been many controversial – depending on it over the years. In just 2021, hot tub broadcasting significantly increased, and there was also a considerable leak that disclosed streamers’ payouts.

An amount of very well makers have previously brought it up. The problem of the platform’s irregular bans has resurfaced, and Twitch subscribers are once again outraged. Kimmika_ was forbidden for one week after getting se*x while able to stream on Twitch. Audiences were perplexed by the streamer’s unusual pose in connection to their workstation and the face of a guy they could have seen behind her. Moreover, because of the door that represented everything on her side, the audience’s imaginations were limited.

viral video

Just after his analysis, ex-Twitch streamer Jidion6 alleged Twitch of “sexism” and “favoritism,” noting that while he was blacklisted for conducting a hate assault on Pokimane, a broadcaster participating in sex was only blacklisted for 7 days. Jidion6 and Pokimane have reconciled and gotten attached since then, but he stays absent from the forum. Jidion6 started demanding that Twitch clearly and openly discuss the issue, in furthermore to beginning the #TwitchRespond and creating a YouTube video about it.

Twitch has yet to issue a statement regarding the matter. Twitch subscribers are enraged by the validity and applicability of restrictions all across the forum, and they are venting their rage on Twitter. Regardless of the fact that this has been a problem for a long time, this occasion has sparked more uproar than ever before.
What are your thoughts on Twitch’s ban policy?

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